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Be a Social Media Expert

Do's & Don'ts to grow our business with Social Media.

- Do NOT comment on a Paparazzi Consultant's video / pic / status asking "Can I borrow this?" "Can I share this?" - If it is posted on social media, it is fair game. Assume if someone does not want something share, they would not post it on social media.

- Do NOT post your link on a Paparazzi Consultant's posts or pictures on any social media outlet. Fb, twitter, instagram, or the Paparazzi Corporate page. This makes you look unprofessional, and look like a "shark".

- Do NOT comment negative comments about Jewelry on a Paparazzi Consultant's post. It ruins it for others. Send any and all complaints to Paparazzi Support Center... No one can help you except for them. 99.9% of the time, it is usually the jumping rings. :) If you become a victim of a fellow consultant doing this to you, delete them and block them. Be unapologetic for protecting your business.

- Do NOT put up a sales post and tag other consultants in that post. It is spammy, it is sneaky, it is unprofessional. It goes back to making you look like a shark.

- Do NOT post low quality images. Put only nice, flattering pictures. Good lighting. etc. Be sure to represent the High quality Jewelry we have.

- DO : Keep your facebook page positive. This goes for your personal page, your facebook wall, your "about me" section, your business page. Your insta, twitter, etc. Whatever you use. No angry "baby daddy posts". No "I am having a bad day posts." IF you are having a bad day, write to yourself about it. Vent to yourself. Get it out of the way that way. Bless it, and release it.

- DO : Stay positive and uplifting at ALL TIMES. No one wants to join or buy from someone who is a Negative Nancy.

- DO: Be creative. Do not just copy and paste what other consultants do and say. Be authentic. Your audience can tell when you are not talking like yourself.

- *** People Join PEOPLE. NOT Businesses. **** Put yourself out there. Show who you are, your personality. What you are about. People want to CONNECT with their sponsors. They want to know that their sponsor will be their to provide the training and stability they need. You will attract back to yourself, what you put out there.

- Switch up your day. Dont be so scheduled with your posts and so robotic. Do not be scripted.

Building your Facebook Algorithm

- Post funny pics or quotes or videos. Motivating quotes. Life hacks. And then a couple hours later post your sales, lifestyle, and recruiting posts. Remember not to be spammy or salesy in your sales and recruiting posts especially on facebook where your friends and family are. When you post these funny, motivating quotes, and such BEFORE you post your recruiting, lifestyle, and sales posts, you are boosting your algorithm. You are boosting your algorithm...because people are going to be COMMENTING, LIKING, and SHARING your pics, vids, etc that are funny, or motivational, or positive. Be SURE to have these posts set to PUBLIC, otherwise this will NOT WORK.

What content gets your algorithm higher?

- Number one, is reels & videos. This is because videos are more interactive. they appeal to more of your 5 senses than a picture or text would. When people comment, comment back! Keep the convo flowing. This heightens your algorithm.

- Number two, is pics. When people comment, keep the convo flowing on your pic. this heightens your algorithm.

- Number three, is text posts. Do not just write something. Keep your text posts neat, and tidy. Not too long. And use emoji's to call attention.


- You MUST brand yourself. How ? Be original. Create an experience for your audience. Dont copy others. Be yourself. Keep one unified name for your business. For example be " laboflashes" on twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc. Do not be ...laboflashes on twitter...thelaboflashesxoxo on pinterest, and getfablashes on instagram. People would think that you are unorganized, it will give them a headache, and it makes you look like you do not know what you are doing.

Remember, you are a walking talking business. You and your business, are truly one in the same. Their is no seperation.

Rule of thumb :: " If God, or your mom, or your kids would not be proud of the content you are posting on social media, then do NOT post it.

- You are the CEO, Janitor, Manager, assistant manager, etc...of your business. You embody your WHOLE business. Whatever you put out, you attach to yourself.

- Once you have established your business, aka you have a team of 100 or more, Higher someone to help you with branding yourself. DO NOT spend thousands or even hundreds on this. You can do 90% of the work yourself. But you may want to have someone help you design a logo and come up with a color scheme, etc. You will need a personal logo, and a team logo.

- Become a Branding Expert. Stufy Branding, and other methods to leverage your business.

How you are hindering your Business and you do not even know it

- In your about me section, you work at your " facebook business page" . NOT Younique corporate.

- Must be consistent with your posts.

- Put your whole heart into your business.

- No one wants to buy or join someone who is only half in.

- Stop caring what other people think. They do not pay your biills.

- Post pics and videos of YOURSELF and your happy customers. Not of other presenters.

- Smile when you type your status's or posts, and use emojis. If you do not do these things, you may be hindering your business.

-Be excited with your customers and your team. Act how you would want someone to act with you.

The excuse wheel ::

- Do NOT make excuses for your business.

- Do not say that you are doing all you are told to do, and not producing results. Chances are you are not doing all that you can in your business, or you are just going through the motions in a robotic way. You need to put your whole self and heart into it.

- Do not expect your sponsor to constantly reach out to YOU. it is YOUR JOB to reach out to YOUR SPONSOR. They are not mind readers. they do not know when you need them.

- Do things scared. Their are 200 other people waiting to do, what you will not do.

- Do not give up in your first 3 months or your first year. This is a BUSINESS. Put in the time. Be dedicated. You do not walk into your 9-5 pm job and ask them for a raise the next day, or in your first 90 days. You will not go from being a worker to a CEO in a 9-5 in your first year. It is no different with this.

- DO NOT be in multiple direct sales companies at one time. This hinders your business. You will have 2 or 3 mediocre businesses, but never 3 successful ones. You will lose trust with customers and recruits. You will look like " the creepy trench coat guy" in madison square garden who is standing outside with his open jacket saying " I have necklaces, watches, bracelets, shoes..." It is simply not good for business. DO NOT BE CREEPY TRENCH COAT GUY!! ;) :* You will lose respect. It lowers your products value that you represent. And it will be hard for you to grow a team because everyone will be left with the assumption you will not be there for them to train them the way they want and need to be trained because you have too much going on.


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