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How to do Facebook Parties

Believe me when I say that many Paparazzi Accessories consultants feel lost when it comes to facebook parties! If you are here is because you have heard of those Amazing Paparazzi Facebook Parties! They are a great way to expand your business! I have made a few videos with different steps. I hope they can be a help to you and your Team Members. Remember that Hostess Coaching is very very Important! Just like Home Parties you need to prepare yourself and Prepare the hostess! If a Party doesn’t turn out the way you expect it, even though you did everything on the “book,” Then perhaps is not your fault, maybe the hostess didn’t follow everything you asked her to do. You will have GREAT Parties and You will have Bad Parties, but just KEEP GOING and work hard!

How to Do a Paparazzi Facebook Party with your Own Inventory – The Old Fashion way! >>2014 <<

How to Find the Paparazzi Pictures of Items?

How to Download Paparazzi Pictures from Past Orders? #NewFeature

1. How to Create an Event on Facebook?

2. Pre- Posts

How to Coach your Hostess – Click Here for Pre-Written Example

3. How do you start the Party? 
What to do the day of the Party

Paparazzi Facebook Parties with Albums.

“Chrono Download Manager” – Paparazzi Accessories 

4. Party is Over, What do you do?

How to Create a Google Checkout Form?

6. How to Ship from Home?

How to Package your items

Where Can you find the Pictures I use from Facebook Parties? Click HERE for a Direct Link Or HERE

Online Store and Tracking Device (Square) 

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