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Sponsoring Blitz

Remember people join this business to make money. In order to attract people, you need to be making some money. We do this through selling. You expand your network through selling. You keep your team members by teaching them about selling. Don't think for one second that recruiting isn't in direct correlation to your sales. Top recruiters are also top sellers. They know their product and they are passionate about it. If you can sell the product, you can sell the opportunity. But if you can't sell the product, you'll never sell the opportunity.

TIP #1: People join people who sell the product.

Protecting Your Facebook Algorithm

So before we expand our network and add a ton of new friends we need to make sure that the things we want them to see will actually show up in their news-feed. How do we do that? We have to PROTECT OUR FB ALGORITHM. How do we protect it?


You know all those funny videos, and hilarious memes, and funny quotes you see on your newsfeed, and then you click that little share button so all your friends can laugh too? They are killing your FB algorithm. When you “share” someone else’s post that tells FB that you don’t have anything worth seeing, and it shoots your FB algorithm right through the heart. Stop sharing. If you see a funny meme, or a picture, or a quote and you want to share it, screenshot it, crop to edit, then post AS YOUR OWN POST. 

Even better, take that funny quote, and completely make your own “graphic” using something like the Phonto app or PickMonkey! When you do that, even if people have seen it before, it doesn’t look exactly like the one they’ve seen passed around a hundred times. It makes them think it’s new and funny, so then they “Like”, and lots of times they will even “share” your post, which seriously boosts YOUR FB algorithm.

TIP #2 - It is CRUCIAL for you to add people as friends on facebook!

Do you want to grow your Social media Platform? Then, stop complaining and DO IT! 

Your Profile MUST be PUBLIC. Yes you can still hide pictures that you don't want the world to see, but Majority of your posts MUST BE PUBLIC.

Your Friends List MUST be Hidden from your Profile. That's where the Money is, so we must hide it from everyone else. 

NO GRAPHICS (Pictures not made by you). YOU MUST BE CREATIVE. If you see a Graphic and you like the idea, Re-Create it by using yourself and surroundings. (Apps I use: A Beautiful Mess, WordSwag, & Rhonna Designs,

Add People as Friends. When doing Parties, or Events Add those New Contacts as a Friend. Example: Facebook Parties, Those people that Click "Going" or "interested" Add them as a Friend. There is a reason WHY they did it!  How about Events or Home Parties? Of course you are using the Drawing Forms to get their information. Add them as well. You want them to see you in your Newsfeed!

How do I create a new list to organize my friends?

To create a new list:

1.  Scroll down to Friends on the left side of your News Feed. Hover over Friends and click More.
2.  Click Create List.
3.  Enter a name for your list and the names of friends you’d like to add. Keep in mind you can add or remove friends from your lists at any time.
4.  Click Create.

I have put together a little training for YOU on how I've been presenting the opportunity to my cold market (people I do NOT know). WARNING: this is going to take some of you way out of your comfort zone. I am waaaay past caring what people think about me in regards to this opportunity. I am seeing it change people's lives and so I'm okay telling anyone and everyone about it. So


Let's do this!

1. Add Friends
2. Create A List
3. Sending out Friend request. takes 3 minutes or less a day. 
4. I look at my friends list. I look at those friends of mine such a hostesses or great Customers and I look at their Friends Lists. 
5. I add Females who have a selfie as their profile wall, because i want to recognize who is it that im befriending. 
6. if they message me asking how do I know them, I will be able to say: Hi!! im friends with so and so.


*If you aren’t offering the opportunity to everyone you need to be.

*Don’t put your eggs all in one basket. Keep sponsoring!

*Create your Business Overview or Opportunity video to send to prospects.

*Use our Team Opportunity Video

*Keep it short, keep it simple – if you message someone to offer the opportunity you don’t need a novel. Figure out a basic, 5 sentence script that you can personalize with a compliment and make sure it always ends with a question.

*Speed loves speed. When you are focusing on selling or sponsoring you can’t let off the gas, let your success propel you and keep you motivated. keep the momentum going

2 different audiences for sponsoring =



Warm are friends, family and acquaintances. -- These people don’t need as much “buttering” because they already have a relationship with you. Step 1 with this audience is complimenting them and sharing your confidence in yourself, your ability to sell the product, and your confidence in them that they could do the same. 


Close Friends and Family – Keep it lighthearted and fun. Tell, don’t ask.

Acquaintances – Compliment and Confident, then send Business Overview


Example message: Emphasizing ‘quick’ is important!


Girl you are absolutely gorgeous. You’d be great at what I do! If I sent you a quick business overview would you watch it? 


COLD are broken into two groups >> Friends of friends and Complete Strangers -- Friends of friends need to be “buttered” slightly more than your warm group. You need to make them feel like they “know you” based on the fact that you have a mutual friend (more on this later). These are people that you have added as friends on Facebook, who’ve followed you on Instagram, or you’ve met in a social setting or online group. 

Complete Strangers need the most “buttering”. You must build a relationship first exactly like mentioned above, but you must actively work to interact with them so that they don’t feel like you just zeroed in on them to “sell”. Once you develop a relationship, you use the same technique as above. Like and comment on their posts, get to know them and show interest.

Script Ideas For Sending Sponsoring Messages in your WARM Network. WARM Sponsor Message Script

Go to your Friends list. Pick 5 women who you interact with that post positive or funny posts. You can choose from either of the following options to send to them:

Option 1: Hey ***** !! Your pretty face keeps popping up in my timeline. I love that your posts are always so positive and fun! I think you’d be great at what I do, have you ever thought about being a Paparazzi Consultant?

Option 2: Oh my gosh, Amy! Your selfie is absolutely gorgeous! You’re always so positive and funny on Facebook, and I know you’d be great at what I do. Have you ever thought about trying it?

Option 3: Girl! That selfie was so pretty! You should totally be selling Paparazzi with me! Have you ever considered it?

They will respond with something like:
“Oh, really, gosh, thanks…”
“Oh, you really think so? Aww, thanks”
“Oh I don’t know, I don’t think I’d be good at that”
“Oh, thank you…I’m just so busy though, (I have 3 kids, I work two jobs, etc)

NOW you will respond to them with:
"If I sent you a short video would you listen to it?"

They will likely respond with something like:
“Yeah, sure” or “Yeah, ok I can do that”

Then you respond:
“When would you have time to listen to it?” (THAT’S IT, say nothing else, wait for them to come back say when would be a good time)

When they tell you then you say:
“Ok, great, I’ll follow up late tonight/tomorrow morning/etc…HOW DOES THAT SOUND? (Always end with a question) They will respond “OK” and then you send them the link to Our Team's Third Party Video OR send them a Video of YOU!

SO, then you follow up when you say you’re gonna follow up and you say:
“Hey! Did you get a chance to listen to that quick overview video?”

If they say yes, you then say:
“Ok, great! Tell me what did you like best?”

They are gonna tell you something they like (work from my phone, $5 Jewelry, 45% commission, etc….)

You then say:
“ME TOO! I think you’d be an amazing fit on our team! Are you ready to get your business started?”

**If they didn’t have time to watch the video, you just get another confirmation for when you can follow up.**

If you get a response, and you need help with what to say, screen capture it and post in our team group, we will give you ideas on how to respond to objections. A “No” is not always a “No”. If they immediately give you an excuse, don’t just say ok and give up. There are ways to answer objections and keep the conversation going. Also, you don’t have to answer a message immediately. If you aren’t sure what to respond, screen capture it, send it to your sponsor or a teammate and ask for ideas.

Example message for friends of friends:


Hey Kristi! I notice that we share Amber as a friend. I know this might sound totally out of the blue, maybe even a little crazy, but I promise you I’m not crazy. You’re gorgeous and when your picture popped up in my newsfeed I couldn’t help but notice you’d be great at what I do. If I sent you a quick business overview would you listen to it?


If they say ‘YES’ to the overview set a time.


“Great! When?”

Tonight after my kids go to bed.

“Perfect. I’ll follow up around 9 pm. Does that work?”


“Talk to you tonight.”



If they say ‘NO’ to the overview:


“Okay thanks for your response! I value your feedback. Do you mind if I ask why you prefer not to listen?” (You may be able to overcome some objections here – see below)


Even if people say ‘NO’ they are still in your network and part of your audience.


Follow Up:


“Hi Mary! Did you have a chance to listen to the overview?


“Okay, I know life can be busy. When do you have time to listen?”



“Hi Mary! Did you have a chance to listen to the overview?”


“Great! What did you like best?”


*When sharing the business overview and opportunity, NEVER use the question “What did you think? Or What do you think?” Always ask “What did you like best?” You don’t want to tap into that side of their brain…. Asking what they like best focuses on the positive and actually helps them talk themselves into it.


Examples of what they may say: I love the jewelry, that you get paid 45% commission, free website, no quotas, etc.


Example response: “I love that too!! Sounds like you are a great fit! Are you ready to get started?”



Congratulate them!

Welcome them!

Send them your link to join!



What questions could you answer?

More info?

3 way call with upline?

Overcome objections


You could say: “On a scale of 1 – 10 how ready are you to get started?” Basically anything over zero…… So you’re telling me there’s a chance! *Shameless Dumb and Dumber reference*


Whether you are asking someone to host, or join (or even buy) there are two main reasons people object.

--Lack of belief in themselves

--Lack of belief in Network Marketing

When having dialogue with potential consultants OR people you are asking about hosting for you, always turn their objections around by reassuring them, preferably using a question

Examples: You are asking a potential consultant to join. They make a statement such as “I’m not a salesperson” you could respond with something like, “I’m not a salesperson either! That’s what I love about Paparazzi. I don’t have to be a salesperson, I just simply share the products and the $5 price its amazing! ”


Example: You are asking someone about hosting who has been following along in another party, or in your VIP group. They say “I don’t want to annoy people”, you would respond with something like “I don’t like to annoy people either! That’s why I make sure my parties are fun and informative, but never annoying or pushy”



Facebook – If your friend’s list isn’t at least 2000 people, then you haven’t even begun to tap into your cold network. Paparazzi can be a social media based business, so if you aren’t using social media to it’s full potential you are doing yourself no favors. Network, network, network. Make it a goal to add 5 new friends every day of the week. Go through your friends list, pick 5 people, and look at their friends list. Request someone from their list. If they don’t accept, no big deal, keep scrolling. If they happen to message you and ask how you know them, respond with something like, “OH, I’m friends with so-and-so, isn’t she just so (funny, kind, fun to hang out with, etc)". Then write those names down on a list, and make it a point to click on their page once or twice a week for the next month. Comment on a picture or status. INTERACT. Once you have interacted with them, your posts will start to show up in their newsfeed, and they will be “watching” you. Now they feel like they know you. Once you have interacted and built a relationship, approach them about hosting and joining.

We have to GROW our NETWORK... and the only way is getting people outside our warm network! Stop depending on friends and family.... We gotta get way more outside! it does take practice, but you gotta want it more than your scare of.


I know it sounds corny in writing but it flows well when I ask follow-up questions or questions that they cannot answer yes or no to... I want them to say it and hear the answers for themselves so I don't feel like I am "selling them". I've backed out of many a conversation short of asking for the commitment because if I don't feel they are ready to make a change, I do not want to lose them forever.  

For example, I may say some of the following depending on their responses (not in this order, I'm just thinking out loud, and not all of them, depends on where the conversation goes):


1. Why are you considering doing what I do?

2. Tell me about your family life.

3. Are you presently working outside the home?

4. What is it you are doing?

5. Why is that not enough?

6. When you say "more money", what do you mean by that?

7. When you say "not flexible", can you explain what you mean?

8. What do you like to do in your free time? (finding common ground if I haven't already)

9. I'm not sure I quite understand when you said "the hours are bad",can you explain that?

10. Can I ask you why you want that?

11. What "do" you like about what you are doing now?

12. **Tell me how you see working for yourself would change thing sfor you. (My personal Favorite question to ask!!!!)


Then I'll make sure I understand and then say something like... Okay, I think I understand where you are coming read the information I gave you and would like to know what ?'s you have for me?

Then I get into what I said before which is "Okay, then lets get you started" (if she has proven to me that she is ready to make a change).

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