• Here are 6 things to do TODAY while you are waiting!
    1. ANNOUNCE your new journey on your wall! Take an "I'm TOO EXCITED" picture of yourself and post it! Build that excitement with your audience, family and friends... 
    2. Start a "Countdown to my Kit" post! Ask them to guess the exact day and time it will arrive! People love guessing stuff!
    3. Share your WHY! Tell your friends WHY you decided to do this! People buy WHY you do things, not WHAT you sell.
    4. Start setting up your Launch Template! get ready NOW so when it arrives you are ready to go!
    5. Think about your "Unboxing LIVE Video" It's one of the best things you can do when you begin your business! I lovee it!! 
    6. Practice selfies and practice LIVES! Yes, you can. YES YOU CAN! - Create a group of your own and add your sponsor to it. Only the two of you, and start practicing LIVE videos there.... only she and you will be able to see it and she can give you feedback!!  Do all these things and by the time your kit arrives, you will already feel like a PRO! <3 Excited to have you part of our team


  • TIPS When you receive your kit, before your unboxing Live video  
    1. Make sure you open the box and check that all products. (There is a list/invoice)
    2. Check the items and take the staples out.
    3. Pick your 5 favorite pieces and take pictures so you can do a sneak peek!

    4. Put Everything back in your box and close it - just like you never touched it lol 
    5. Prepare, Get ready and know what you are going to do & what you are going to show when you go live! Have FUN! This is Exciting! 

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Very Creative!

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