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*Be consistent! At least 1-2 times a week. Same day and time!

*$5 Price. Write $5 Jewelry party at the top!!!! Invite to shop!

*Comment (sold, the number, bling, mine, etc.) to claim the items you want!!!!

*SHARE to be entered into a drawing for jewelry. Every 10 minutes mention it. 

*Friend/Follow me so you never miss another LIVE party again.

*Look nice! Be family picture ready. Have a personality and smile. You have 10-30 seconds to gain new customers.

*Talk about joining. Getting a discount. LOTS of reasons someone might want to join.

*Get people over to your VIP/Sales group. From Parties. Teasers.

*Post albums of what is still available AFTER your LIVE parties. And post some items exclusive to your VIP group.

*Build Relationships!!! Maintain relationships.

*GO LIVE with Starter Kits

*Be Accountable!!!!

Where and How to Set Up Your Facebook Live

The first thing you want to do is check your Wi-Fi signal to make sure it’s strong so that you don’t freeze or get dropped. Then, using the Facebook App on your mobile device, you can choose to go Live on your Business Page or in a Group or Event. Every location is great for building relationships with your followers, team, customers and party guests! Just click on the red movie camera to get started! Think of a catchy title and name your FBL. You’ll want to make sure you check the privacy and you can click on the magic wand to add a filter. Tap on FINISH to end the live stream and then you can save it to your camera roll if you’d like. There are also Share & Edit options.

Tips? It’s a great idea to practice first in a secret FB group so you can see how you look and make sure that you’re able to get set up smoothly. If possible, use a microphone and a tripod or some DIY contraption that will hold your phone so that your viewers don’t feel like they’re on a roller coaster ride! Stand against a wall with good lighting in front of you. Adding music is fun but make sure it’s copyright-free or you can get into BIG trouble! One of my favorite choice for finding great tunes is at

Scheduling a pre-post reminder that you’re going Facebook Live at a certain time is a fantastic idea. Of course ya'll know I use Cinchshare.

More Tips???
1. Check Lighting and Camera angle. Shoot from above or straight on. 
2. Put your phone on "Do not Disturb" mode.
3. Begin Speaking Immediately. Don't wait for people to show up. 
4. Introduce yourself in the beginning and middle of FBL.
5. Ask questions like "Where are you from?" that will get them commenting!
6. Give them Value - Share tips on How-to's
7. Say good-bye and thanks ;)

When you go FBL to do a party:
1. don't worry about time.
2. use numbers for the pieces you are going to show
3. have an organizational system

4. Background music. (but not necessary)
5. Have FUN. Connect with others.

Click here to watch my very FIRST LIVE Party. 

Hungry for More Sales?

Don’t Forget to E.A.T.!


Do you remember when you first considered becoming a Paparazzi Consultant? Were you drawn to the accessories? Were you inspired by the income potential? Maybe you were attracted to the famous $5 price tag or were encouraged by the confidence that could be generated from a seemingly simple piece of jewelry. Whatever your reason, chances are that you discovered it at a Paparazzi party.

Parties are the lifeblood of Paparazzi. Parties are where you meet new customers, future Hostesses, and potential new team members. Parties are what connect customers to the product, and, more importantly, they connect the product to YOU. Whether you party at home, online, or at expos and events, there is one thing you can do that will increase your retail profit: E.A.T.

E is for Enthusiasm: Try to remember the first time you laid eyes on Miss YOU-niverse, A Silver Spell, or Hypnotized and how excited you were when you found out it was only $5. This is the level of enthusiasm that your customers should feel when you are selling ANY piece at ANY party! Do you let your customers see your excitement for Paparazzi? Whether you’re hosting an online party or working with a Hostess in her home, keep your energy up, remember to smile, and interact with your customers as often as you can.

A is for Appearance: Adorably affordable jewelry will sell itself, but there are things you can do that will make your customers ask, "HOW is this only $5?" instead of “WHY is this only $5?”

💥Let the jewelry be the focus of your displays. Stick to solid backgrounds and professional busts, and uncluttered layouts. Block your displays by colors and keep straight lines that allow your shoppers to easily locate matching pieces. If you’re hosting an online party, keep the background professional and clean. Don’t let your customers be distracted by piles of dirty laundry or a messy kitchen.

💥Be aware of your personal appearance. Would you show up to your office in pajamas with your hair in a matted mess? Your Paparazzi business is just that – a business. Approach your parties with a professional attitude and you’ll present yourself more professionally. This will result in more sales, more inquiries about becoming a Consultant, and more referrals for future Hostesses.

T is for Timing: If you’re hosting a party for a group of teachers, it probably wouldn’t make sense to hold the event at 9:00 on a Tuesday morning. However, a Tuesday morning might be the perfect time for a party with a group of moms who just dropped their kids off at school. Work with your Hostess to determine the best time for HER guests to shop so that you can maximize the number of attendees.

Timing can also help you keep your guests engaged throughout the entire party. When hosting a party online, stagger the sale of your Blockbusters and other crowd favorites throughout the event instead of showing them all at once. Hosting a home party? Try the hidden box trick and watch your customers clamor to get their hands on that elusive piece that no one else can have. Timing is everything!

So, are you hungry? Don’t forget to E.A.T.!

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