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Facebook Parties

Hostess Package

Click on PDF File to get Hostess Scripts to Train them or

Click here to download.


Click HERE to get a Flyer for your Hostess Online.

*Thanks to Ashley Gibbs for making this PDF File 

Home Parties

Hostess Package


1. Flier on how to deliver the invitations – Click Here

2. Flier on how to invite 55 people in 8 minutes – Click Here

3. 70 Cute invitations – Click Here

4. Hostess Rewards – Click Here

5. Tic-Tac-Toe – Click Here

Party Favor.jpg

SUPER COOL! I’m gonna do it! What’s a PARTY FAVOR? A Little bag filled with info on how to have a successful party and maybe a Free Piece of Jewelry.

“Give your new hostess a PARTY FAVOR – filled with all the things she needs to have a party.” Would you rather have a “hostess packet” or PARTY FAVOR? Yeah, me too!

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