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Download it and get Familiar with the BO (Back Office)

Back Office Breakdown.

Hi! My name is Andrea Hutcheson. I am a Jetsetter with Paparazzi Accessories.


You are under the umbrella of the "Team UnitedFashionistas" and I am so happy to have you joined the Amazing World of Paparazzi! Cannot wait to help you get started.  If you have any questions don't forget to ask your sponsor. We are all here to help!

Let's Flourish Together!

Let's Flourish Together

Let's Begin

Once you have signed up as a Consultant, you will immediately receive a Consultant ID#. Let's Start by learning how to login into your Back Office (BO), and then we will learn more about their Tabs and features.

Once you are Very Familiar with your Back Office (go find out what each tab does), the next Step is updating your picture, adding your Social Media Icons, and your Story.

You will also need to learn How to put your "First Paparazzi Order."

How to Edit your Replicated Site

How to put your First Order in

Consultants, do you know how to OPTIMIZE your order?
~ Order in increments of 10, because for every 10 ordered, Paparazzi sends YOU a FREE hostess reward to use as you'd like. Keep it, sell it, give it away! It's yours!
~ Order $100 or more (before taxes) and get FREE SHIPPING on your order! That is a savings of $5.95 right there!

40 items before tax is $112.25 = no shipping PLUS 4 extra pieces!!!

Do you have an "ACTIVE" status this month? That would be 50PV = 25 items purchased from you or your customers from your website during this month.

How to add your Social Media icons

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