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It's all about sharing feelings. Share your accomplishments, whether they are big or small. What were you able to pay with your extra money? What are you going to pay with this month's payment? Be creative. Just last week I did a training via Facebook LIVE within our team group about recruiting. (Watch it again: CLICK HERE)

Here are some of my Favorites To-Go Posts:

I know you are probably 💭thinking...
Could this really work for me? You are tired of living paycheck to paycheck but you're also apprehensive because you have no idea where you will come up with enough friends to share this with...
🏻I've you covered! 
What I have to offer...
I have an excellent support system.
Before and afters and graphics ready for your use.
Private Training videos.
Virtual  Training for your convenience.  
Monthly Work from Home events.
ALL the tools our top earner used step by step. 
How to rock IG and Facebook.
How to connect with thousands around the globe without leaving your living room.
💥Do you own a smart phone?
Can you copy and paste and follow my step by step daily to do list? 
If the answer is yes! 🏻I'm your coach! Let's get started!!!!


Q: I have never done #networkmarketing before!
A: 😎Awesome! Neither did some of the #topearners when they started!
Q: I don't have a 🙅🏻warm market.
A: No worries. The fun part about this ✨ #business is that you can make new👯#friends right from your phone!
Q: I'm not good at sales. 
A: Perfect! We aren't looking for #salespeople. We are looking for the average 🏻person who is willing to share #amazing products! That simple!
Q: I don't have ⏰ #time.
A: Well, you're reading this aren't you? The 🏻average person checks their#socialmedia accts about 100 times a day. 🙊 You can be getting 💸paid! 
Q: Isn't this company over-saturated with reps? 
A: We have only a less than 50K consultants while other MLMs have 🏼millions! You are right on ⏰time!
Q: I don't know if I can #succeed doing this
A: Are you 🌀#teachable? Then you can! We have a system that have been 💯proven to work! 
Q: I wouldn't know where to #start.
A: That's the #goodnews! You have me! 🏻Your personal coach and new BFF! 💥Let's get you started! #ItsWorthFindingOut


✔️Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? 
✔️Stressed 💆🏻because you have no idea how you will pay  your bills next month?
✔️You are praying for a breakthrough, a sign, for goodness sake all you need is a 🏻break!
If this describes you; we need to talk ASAP!
You are a hard worker.
🔘Can follow a #system proven to work.
Will work it #consistently no matter how little or much.
🏻Have a burning desire to get out of the situation you're in and are willing to step out of your #comfortzone.
If this is you... I have something for you. 
I have a system in place that is proven to work so you can rock this #business solely through your  phone!
🏼Best of all, you get me as your mentor! 
Inbox me for a few short videos with details!
I look forward to #working with you!
Together, we can rock the 🌍#world and #change your life!

👀Looking for individuals who are coachable and are willing to put the tools I give them into practice. 

🌺What I have to offer...
💠I have an excellent support system.
💠Graphics ready for your use.
💠Private Training videos.
💠Exclusive Team Website
💎Monthly Booking & Sponsoring Blitz
💎Monthly Work from Home events.
ALL the tools I used step by step. 
📱How to rock IG and Facebook.
📲A Exclusive Social Media Bootcamp. How to Rock Social Media.

🙌🏼Message me "Opportunity" for a short 7min video about this!

Need more ideas? go to: 

Here is how you respond:

🎀Hey doll! Thank you for requesting the information. 
Here is my team's website. My upline and our team is one of the tops in the whole company!!

It has her story and she explains what We do and how our team works. We focus on social media because the entire world is on it. 😉 checkout the testimonials as well! 

🌟We will be doing a monthly Work From Home event online and you will have all the tools you need to start your business. If you are coachable and can stay consistent, you will do amazing! 🔝💻

😊I would love to help you, I have mentorship spots available.

🙌🏻PS. Let me know ASAP if this is for you! Timing is key!

🚫No inventory necessary. 🚫No quotas. 🚫No fees.

Hi NAME! just following up with you doll  I am helping 3 more ladies. If you are interested in working from home and claiming your spot to work one-on-one with me let me know! I would love to mentor you! As soon as you join you are added to my secret team group and you start your training on my brand new website and BOOTCAMP!  All the tools you need to Rock this Business!

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