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Let's Flourish Together


Why did you join Paparazzi?

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Let's Flourish Together

Getting Started in the Paparazzi Business

Within this program you will find Support, education, and help in finding success in building your Paparazzi Business.

There is not greater goal within us than to see the achievement and success of a consultant who decides to take the steps towards changing their lives and the lives of their team members. 

Now, throughout this program will be great detail, hints and tips, and recommendations which I have followed and others also; but remember there  is not simpler way to build your business than to get it started on the right foot, and teach others to do the same. 

At the beginning of any business there is a great deal of excitement and fun, along with the desire to go and build the business, so the focus on details can sometime be lost. For this reason, we have created this program so you can follow step by step how to get started in the business which having a plan has generated success for most people. No more trial, errors and frustrations. Yes, you are going to have to step out your comfort zone, but at the end you will see that the end result couldn't been better. 

Step one

Identify the Opportunity

Your first step is learning if Paparazzi is right for you. This is an easy step as we have learned that Paparazzi can be right for everyone. As much as we understand that, it is just as important for you to understand that.


The first time I saw Paparazzi at a Home party, where all the ladies where going crazy, I SAW myself doing this. It was a no-brainer. I knew I could sell $5 to any woman, and not feel guilty about approaching others. Not only that, the compensation plan was incredible. You receive 15% of the PV (Personal Volume) of any starter kit. PLUS depending on which Rank you are in you receive an extra %. Star Consultants (0-2 Personally Sponsor Active + being an Active Consultant) = 5% of their PV. Or Director (3+ Personally Sponsors that are active + being an Active Consultant) = 10% of their PV

Paparazzi gives each consultant the ability to earn additional income for their home; to allow them to continue to develop relationships with their friends and co-workers in a low pressure environment; to encourage and enhance the self confidence of their customers through offering fashion-forward accessories at an affordable price; and most importantly have fun as they do something that brings great joy and satisfaction into their lives.

Unfortunately, it is difficult for others to see that all this happens with Paparazzi unless they do it themselves. Once you have learned that Paparazzi is right for you, it is now time to take the second step without delay. 

Paparazzi Accessories

Step two

Your Initial Inventory

You are waiting on your Starter Kit. How Exciting!

Make sure that while you are waiting, you:

1. Set the date for your Launch Party

2. Learn about the Fashion Fix and sign up in the Waiting list. 

3. Get familiar with your Back Office

4. Create Your Fan Page and VIP Group

5. Get your Square or Paypal Account

6. Order your Business Cards

Now, Let's talk really quick about Inventory. Each starter kit comes with a variety of items. You will receive items you LOVE, and items you so much don't like. BUT at the end all of it will sell. Paparazzi tracks sales and fashion trends heavily. Although we recommend eventually building up inventory quantities and offering the wildest selection of inventory possible, it has been shown that housing fewer than 100 pieces makes it difficult to have the selection required to appeal to a larger audience. Ultimately, we have found that the more inventory a consultant carries, the more they will sell. Here is a Great article on building your inventory. Click here

DUPLICATION TIP: When re ordering inventory, keep in mind what you want others to purchase in your organization. The power of Example as a consultant is significant. There will be many times when other consultants in your organization will not know exactly what to order and they will ask you for recommendations. The size of your first order, or your subsequent inventory orders, can have a significant impact on what other members of your team order. If you want others to start with 200 pieces of inventory, then you should seriously consider starting with the same. 

Paparazzi Accessories

Step three

Organize, Invite, and Host

Now comes the fun part! Even before you receive your first order, organize your first home party or showing. Find opportunities to Invite those you know to come and look at the fashionable accessories you have found through Paparazzi.

Have it in your home, or on a lunch break at work - but have it.


Success in Paparazzi is not only about the idea of having a good time, it is about actually doing it and reaching out those who may enjoy what you have found.

Having your First Party is a critical step to finding out just how easy is to sell Paparazzi Accessories. Throughout this program there will be lots of advise, tips, and suggestions on making these events fun and exciting for you and your customers, but nothing is more important than actually doing them and having them regularly. 

Never be nervous about having a party; there is no such thing as failure as long as you actually hold the party, whether is on facebook or in person, as long as you actually hold the Party and invite others to come. With each party you will only learn more and become that much more effective and successful with your next party. 

Step four

Do it Again

After you find out how easy it is, and your customers discover just how much fun they have looking great with affordable accessories - the next step is to do it again. Schedule your next party or event, and prepare accordingly. Order new inventory to replenish the inventory sold at the last event. If you started your business with less than three or four hundred pieces, now is the time to begin slowly increase your product offering by reinvesting in a little more inventory than just what needs to be replaced. (70% Necklaces, 30% Others)

This Time you can invite new guests, but don't hesitate to invite your other customers as well. With Paparazzi, Inventory changes regularly (if not daily) that even if someone attended a party in the recent past they are bound to still find something unique and appealing to them with the new inventory that your purchase.  Also, feel free to let your customers know they are welcome to invite their friends to the party as well.  Those who have experience a successful party and enjoyed themselves will be all the more willing to share the experience with their friends.  Don't hesitate to have future parties at other customer's houses.  Encourage others to host their own party at their own house for all of their friends.  Let them know that as they have their own parties with your help, they will be able to earn free accessories based on the success of their own party.  For each party a consultant does with the hostess,  Paparazzi requires that the hostess earn 10% of the sales of the event in free accessories from the consultant.  Many Consultants choose to offer more, or even offer free accessories in addition to this minimum at the booking of a party to encourage others to schedule one.  Paparazzi helps the consultant with this requirement by adding additional inventory to each order in relation to the size of the order as "Hostess Rewards," which is intended to be used for this purpose and to help supplement this program.  This will show genuine appreciation, as well as get them excited about getting their friends to the next party. Read more here...

Step five

Teach Others

As your business begins to grow, you will find others who will want to have the same fun experience that you have.  There will also be individuals who want to bring additional income into their home, and they will want to start their own business.  Do not hesitate to help them in the process.  Paparazzi has establish a very profitable compensation plan to allow you to be rewarded as others you introduce into Paparazzi begin to build their own business. 

The more successful they are, the more successful you will be in generating long term residual income.  There will be another Page which will cover exactly how the Compensation Plan works.  However, the most important concept to building a successful empire of consultants will be duplication - or how well you train them to be successful.  When others want to join Paparazzi and start their own business, the most important thing you can do is give them all the information and knowledge you possess about how to find success with Paparazzi.  Through this program you will be giving all the information on how to get started, as well as tips and tricks. Teaching them to be committed and succeed will build the foundation of your future income. 

Let's Get Started!

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