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Star Consultant - That's You!

When you sign up with a Starter kit, you automatically will become a Star Consultant the following month! To maintain this 'Rank' you must order 25 pieces which is 50 PV   (1 pieces = 2 PV).  

When you sign up someone under you, you will receive 15% of their Starter kit (First time) and on top of that 5% of their PV per team member until you hit the next rank (Director).  Learn more here

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TO BECOME A DIRECTOR YOU NEED 3 PERSONALLY SPONSORED TEAM MEMBERS WHO ARE ACTIVE (Which means they just signed up as a consultant OR they have order at least 25 pieces (50PV) that month)


Step 1- Launch party 
Schedule 2 launch parties – 1 during the week, 1 on a Weekend. Do them in the same week.
Need to have displays ready, hand out invites, invite everyone you know or don’t know!!!
One on Facebook as well.

Step 2 – Create a Facebook page & VIP Group
Invite friends to like and encourage people to share your page. Post pics of jewelry, about parties, etc.

Step 3 – Create a Resource List – This is for both team building and parties. 100 or more people who you can contact about Paparazzi. Rule #1 – No judging! You never know who may be interested or willing to host a party.

Family, extended family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, organizations you belong to, occupation, educational, athletic contacts, people you do business with, holiday friends

Step 4 – Create a Referral Program
If you give me 3 names of someone you know that may be interested in hosting a party or selling paparazzi, you get a free item.

Step 5 – Have 6 parties in your first month

2 launch parties, 4 additional parties.

Step 6- Book 2 or more parties at every party
Ask everyone “When do you want to host a party?”
Offer extra pieces for booking on the spot

Step 7 – Team Building
Talk to everyone about Paparazzi

Have a Getting Started flyer and put it in every bag to let people know they can earn 45% from every sale. Tell them about your referral program.


Need more tips? CLICK HERE

Learn more...

Learn more...

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