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New Consultant Checklist

Leadership Basics 101

You do not have to wait until you “know everything” before you begin Sponsoring a team – in fact, you SHOULDN’T! If you have a potential Consultant at your very first party – do not hesitate to start building your team! You can learn TOGETHER!


Here is a “Top 10” list for the first 10 things to do with your New Team Member.

  1. Get her signed up! - A No-brainer, right?

  2. Schedule 6 Week Coaching Calls –Get her started on the right track by beginning these calls on her first week as a new Consultant.

  3. Facebook Groups– Add your new team member to our “United Fashionistas” group page {} and the 7 day sample Party

  4. First Order – Help your new team member with her first order if needed.

  5. Setting her 90 day goals – Help her set her first 3 month goals and set into place her 90 day Action plan!

  6. Take Her To A Party If Possible – If your new team member is local, see about taking her to one of your next parties. Shadowing is the best training for parties, as every party will have its own “personality”. Showing her “hands on” training will do more than anything you tell her.

  7. LISTEN, and STAY POSITIVE – Attitude is contagious – whether good or bad! There is no such thing as a “Party Emergency”, and a negative attitude is the #1 thing that will discourage a new team member. DO NOT be her reason for failure. This business has its ups and downs – what you focus on will be what you receive more of!!

  8. Congratulate her/him! If she accomplish something, give her a Shout out in our group! Send her a note, or a gift! Let her know that she/he is important to you.

  9. Follow up - As a New consultant they are going to have questions. Answer them! Tag them on files where the answer is at. Call me if you don't know the answer.

  10. Help them with their FIRST launch party, whether it is a Facebook Party or a Home Party!

Building your empire

So now let’s focus on building Your Empire. Personal Sales are incredibly important, but Building your team is where you build your Residual Income! Think of your business like rowing a boat. One oar is parties and sales, and the other oar is building your team. You must row with both oars to move forward, just like you must equally work both aspects of your business to move forward.

Team building can be incredibly intimidating as a new Consultant. However, if you change your way of thinking on team building, you will see how fun and rewarding it will be, plus your efforts will be highly rewarded.

Think of team building as simply sharing. You have an incredible gift in business, and you can and should share that gift with everyone you meet. Here are a couple team building Basics:

Share The Opportunity With Everyone – Just like with Parties and Hostesses, you cannot prejudge for potential team members. You sell a product that sells itself! You should share the opportunity with everyone you meet. When you see a waitress working hard to satisfy table after table of people, it would be selfish not to share with her a way to make more money, in less time, while having a lot more fun! When talking to other mothers at the park, it is selfish not to tell her how she too can feel good about staying home with her children, yet still make a substantial impact on the household income. The possibilities are endless.

Here is what I give to Those interested in joining our Team - Click Here - I also set up a time to talk with them and Explain how Paparazzi has helped my Family and I.

Be Duplicable – The easier you make this business, the easier you will add team members to join your business. Being organized, prepared, and relaxed will show others how they can do this business.


Follow up – When someone starts asking about the business and giving the “Green Light”, make sure to follow up with her within 24 hours. Like party leads, team member leads go cold quickly.

Getting a Green Light

Parties are the lifeline of your business – this is where you will be most likely to find your new clients, your next hostesses, and your new team members. At your party you want to always be listening for Green Lights: comments, questions, or statements that are meant to ask for more information about the business.

Some examples of Green Lights –

“How much money do you make doing this?”

“How many parties do you do a week?”

“I need a fun job like yours.”

“How did you learn to do parties so well?”

“How did you get into doing this?”

“What does it cost to start?”

“How does your family feel about you doing this?”

“Where do you find parties?”

Here is what I give to Those interested in joining our Team - Click Here - I also set up a time to talk with them and Explain how Paparazzi has helped my Family and I.

No matter where your Paparazzi journey takes you, it all begins with the same step:  Becoming a Consultant.  Do you remember what your first month with Paparazzi was like?  Were you overwhelmed?  Unbelievably excited?  Confused?  Did you feel support from your Sponsor?  Did you know where to seek out answers to your questions?

On the other end of that, do you remember when you enrolled your first team member?  How did you get them started on their journey?  Did you help them with their Launch Party?  Did they know what to expect?


A successful Paparazzi business is built on relationships.  These relationships begin the moment someone connects you with Paparazzi and they are developed through regular communication and support.  Some relationships begin as a customer shops at a party and discovers their new favorite piece of jewelry, while others start with a connection through social media in search for financial freedom.  Regardless of how your relationship with a team member begins, once you take on the role of a Sponsor, there are new levels of responsibility that come into play.  This new team member now looks at you in a different light.

Stepping into this new role can be a little bit daunting, and it can be hard to know where to start.  The best place to begin is by opening a line of communication.  Get the conversation going with your new team member by reaching out with an official welcome call.  A welcome call should be made within 24 to 48 hours of your new team member’s Starter Kit purchase.  As you speak with them, don’t forget to take notes!  Here are some key points that should be covered in that initial call:

  • Congratulate them on making the decision to join the Paparazzi party and let them know that you are there to help them. 

  • Add them to our Support Groups. {Team Group - United Fashionistas}

  • New Consultant Checklist. The New Consultant Checklist was developed to help set your newest team members up for success.  You can download yours now in the Checklists & Worksheets folder in the Resources section of your Back Office, or just click here.

  • Ask them when their Launch Party is scheduled for and offer suggestions on how to make it a success.  Make sure they understand the invitation process and the golden rule that states, "Never open a Paparazzi delivery alone.”  Casually inviting friends or family over to claim first dibs on your new arrivals can quickly become a very profitable activity.  Once you have the date of their Launch Party, make a note to call them the day after to see how it went.  {More...}

  • Invite them to think about their goals.  Ask them what they hope to accomplish with Paparazzi.  Do they want to earn an extra $200 or $300 a month?  Are they excited about the friendships that they are developing?  Do they have a large purchase they’re saving for or a debt they want to pay off?  Knowing what they’re working towards can help you assist in setting smaller goals along the way to help them reach those bigger goals. {More...}

  • Introduce them to the Fashion Fix Did you know that each Starter Kit includes at least one of the Trend Blends from the current Fashion Fix?  The $99 Preview Pack includes one, the $299 Small Home Party Kit includes three, and the $499 Large Home Party Kit includes all five.  Help your new team member understand the power of this incredible sales tool!  Let them know that each set is designed to target a specific customer, and that the Fashion Fix was developed as way to put the Paparazzi stylists in your back pocket. 

  • Help them access their Back Office and set up their replicated website. Encourage them to upload a picture and introduce themselves by including a short bio.  Show them how to reorder inventory and where the business accessories can be found. {More...}

  • Show them where to order business cards.  Send them to, where they can access pre-designed templates that make ordering easy. {More...}

As you work with each new team members, try to remember how you felt when you first became a Paparazzi Consultant.  What questions did you have?  What were you most nervous about?  What were you most excited about?  What goals did you have?  The initial contact you have with these new team members can set the tone for your entire relationship.  While this can be intimidating, remember that you are not alone.  Don’t be afraid to use the phrase, “I am not sure, but I’d love to help you figure that out!”  You are surrounded by a broad range of resources.  Use me, or reach out to other Consultants that have mastered techniques you’re hoping to improve, and connect to the corporate Support Team for help.

"Accountability Buddy"

Pair up to Maintain Focus!

Studies show that writing down and sharing your goals with another person dramatically increases the likelihood of you successfully meeting the goal. Let's face it, it's pretty easy to get "slippery" and not do something that nobody knew you intended to do. However, for some it is hard to share their goals with their loved ones.

"When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates"

Accountability buddies are one of the best ways to help motivate you to stay focused. People hire accountability partners all of the time to help them grow. Personal Trainers, and Life Coaches are two examples of such a principle. By having someone to keep you accountable you can make significant progress. Finding an accountability buddy for your goals is equally effective.

The best way is to find a friend who is as goal minded as you are. You want your friend to be serious about personal growth. Have the both of you sit down together and form an accountability partnership. An effective goal setting partnership meets regularly. You probably want to meet once a week and report to each other on your progress toward your goals. During this meeting you let each other know how you did last week and what you plan to commit to the next week. If you are dragging your feet, it is the partner's responsibility to give you a kick in the rear. 

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