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You all have probably heard the saying "It's not personal; it's business." I'd like to reverse that for my Paparazzi business... "it's business, so it's personal." People are more likely to purchase something from someone they know and trust. It's your job, in your parties to help the guests get to know you, and trust you enough to purchase from you. Throughout our time together, our goal is to help you transfer your personality onto the online party so that you can do just that.... gain orders, gain customers, and gain team members. The very FIRST post in your party needs to be a welcome video. It needs to be posted directly to your party, not through You Tube. The viewer will see it start to play, click on it, and therefore be entered into the party and guaranteed to see more of your posts. This video should be no longer than 30-50 seconds. In 30 seconds, you should be able to introduce yourself, explain what the group is and what the product is, and what the guest can expect to see over the course of the party (you don't have to use music or text. Just keep is short, sweet, and simple). This is your first opportunity to connect on a personal level with your customer.

Let’s talk about your personal Facebook timeline a bit. What do people see when they come to your Facebook Wall? Is your profile picture you? Are your posts positive and inviting? 

You want your Facebook profile picture to be you! Show that beautiful face! And change it every few weeks to generate interest. Feel the love from your friends! The VERY first thing people see when they associate you with Paparazzi is your Facebook Profile Picture. How do you appear to people that do not know you? Do you look happy? Do you look well put together? When people who don’t know you see your picture on your Paparazzi site they are going to feel more comfortable making a purchase. Get used to seeing pictures of YOU! 

Your personal Facebook wall is not where you want to be actively ‘selling’. That is for the closed Facebook groups. You can use your Facebook wall to subtly mention Paparazzi and your success! You do want people to know you have joined Paparazzi but you don’t want to be posting your shopping link and asking them to buy products. Keep your wall positive and uplifting! Share positive quotes and pictures. Success attracts success. DON'T air your personal business out on Facebook. People are ALWAYS watching. I have people messaging me after 10 months who have never liked or commented on a single post in my personal party group. When people see you happy and enjoying what you are doing they will want to be a part of it! I post pictures of myself with my bus kids and it never fails that someone will ask me what accessory I’m wearing or comment on my outfit. This is the art of non-selling. 😉 See how I didn’t even give a shopping link and people wanted that Necklace!?

⚠️Daily Facebook Checklist⚠️

✅Make 3-5 Post (1:5 1 business post for every 5 post made)
✅Include a Photo in at least 3 out of your 5 posts.
✅Like and comment on 10 of your friends posts.
✅Interact with 10 new people a day
✅Go back and comment on one of your own previous post with attraction

💡 Posts Ideas? Family, motivation, fun, inspiration, ask questions, & business

If you've read through my Sample 7 Day Party, you noticed that I LOVE to use videos. Also, Hostess Coaching is HUGE. This is the key to my success in online parties.


You can also do Mystery Hostess Party (which is for every piece someone buys gets enter into a drawing to win all the hostess rewards) Or maybe you do a flash sale (Where you offer Free shipping, Free tax or both). Learn more about Facebook lives which have change our industry since February 22nd, 2017.

The first video I want to you make is a welcome video. Just 30 seconds, up beat, and happy! Follow these rules:

1) MUST, MUST, MUST have good lighting. Do not do videos at night, and do not do them in a room that does not have natural light. Sit in front of a windrow to get the best possible light. The customer will not watch long if the video is not crisp and clear. We are drawn to natural light. You WILL lose your viewer if the lighting is bad.

2) Have your camera eye level, far enough back that the viewer can see your arms and hands. This will give you the best view of your face, as well as allow the viewer to see you "talk with your hands". Being able to see arm movement creates interest in the viewer. Do not let them camera be set up in such a way that you are looking down into the camera lens. Get yourself a GPS phone holder off Amazon for $10! :D Get out of that bathroom!!

3) Look your best! Don't look like you just rolled out of bed. Show the viewer that you care! We are selling Fashion them off! Over and over I will be doing a video and I'll get questions on Accessories I'm wearing.

4) Keep it short! I try to keep my videos between 2-3 minutes. Any longer and they are gone. Our customers are on for short spurts of time. Don't monopolize their time. Be thoughtful and keep it short.

5) Talk like you would to a friend, BUT step it up a notch. Be more animated and excited. Make your eyes big, smile bright, use your hands. Create interest!I'm really not as animated in person as I am in my videos. It's not disingenuous, just modified version of me for online viewing. People are first and foremost on Facebook to be entertained. That's the only reason they click on the video... entertain while instructing and sharing about he products.



You will hear me say "No graphics" almost everyday. Graphics will kill your parties. Personal pictures and videos are what make our parties stand out above the rest. It's easy to just search Pinterest for a picture of Pre-post, but it takes a little creativity to create your own story with a picture. See the difference between both pictures above? One you scroll right over in your Facebook feed and the other you stop and think.."what's that girl up to now?" Both are are show casing a welcome picture.

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