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Event To-Do’s

Participating in a Large Event or Expo & Tips for Participating in a Large Event or Expo. Your Objective at an Event:

1. Retail the Jewelry and Accessories (Today’s Earnings).
2. Book Home Parties (Tomorrows Earnings).
3. Sponsor Consultants (Potential Earnings Forever).

If you are looking for an event and don’t know where to start… relax. There are many Events, Shows and Expos close by to choose from right where you live. Participating in an event or show is a great way to move inventory and grow your business in your community. You are going to be surprised at how many events/shows you will find! Participating in an event/show requires a few considerations for you to keep in mind. The most important consideration is having fun. Show the fun, no matter what the circumstances are. View each event as a successful learning experience.

Important: Remember to ask if there is another Paparazzi Consultant already sign up for the event. According to P&P there can only be ONE Paparazzi booth. Make sure they find out who are the other jewelry vendors, because sometimes they don't use the paparazzi name in it when they sign up for the event. If you are the only one, then make sure the coordinator Signs the following contract. Click: VENDOR CONTRACT  to download... that way it helps you stay within compliance.

How to Find Events
Online - Search your local calendar of events, Chamber of Commerce Calendar, Community Bulletin Boards, Professional Businesses such as: Salons, Boutiques, Vendor Clubs ( and Professional Trade Show Websites. is a great resource for $50 a year.


Attend an event – Network with other vendors. You will find most vendors are very kind, professional and will share “how to” information, to make each event you participate in successful. If possible, talk to the event coordinator about being a vendor at their next event.

In the beginning - Start with smaller events. There are some events that do charge to participate. The best events are the ones that charge between $50 and $75 per day. The most costly events are not necessary the most successful.
Book as early as possible (Six months to a year in advance is best).

Facebook - It is a great resource to look on facebook on the search bar. Type things such as Festivals, fairs, holiday shopping blitz, fall events, Christmas Bazaar, Mistletoe Market Holiday, Expo's

Event Has Been Booked - Email your Event/Show at Why is this important? After an event if your customer loses your contact information and calls the corporate office at Paparazzi, the office has your name down for that event. They collect the customer’s information and then will contact you.

Direct Seller’s Insurance - Sometimes events require Liability Insurance. For more information go to Ask for Richard C. Fuchs if you have questions.

Seller’s Permit – You may be required to show this.
(Contact your State Board of Equalization – No Charge)

Location – If event is an outside venue: Be prepared with a 10x10 Canopy (under $100 Wal-Mart), chairs, weights or tie downs, tables, extension cord, etc. Inside venue: ask event coordinator what is offered and adjust accordingly.


Day of Event/Show

  • Set-up early. Be organized & ready to go 30 minutes before event starts. (You may have early customers). Greet event coordinator and thank them for being able to participate at their event. Offer the event coordinator a free piece of jewelry of their choice. (It goes a long way for future events.)

  • Cash box or apron – Have enough cash and change available for your cash sales (If you’re the only one at your booth, it’s difficult to leave).

  • Welcome customers by walking out of your booth, with a smile & address them by inviting them into your booth. (Example: Hello, everything’s just $5.”) Mention it over and over again!!!

  • Always ask each person who comes into your booth, if they would like to fill out a customer card.

  • Have $5 signs located everywhere

  • Never leave an event early (Set a good example, it goes a long ways).


Post Event/Show
1. Clean your booth – (Leave no trash behind)
2. Send the event coordinator a thank card in the mail.
3. Follow up with your prospects within 48 hours.

A final note: You are an Independent Paparazzi Consultant. You are part of United Fashionistas. You are held to a higher standard. Be Proud of what you do. People are watching you and they are waiting to join based on your honor, honesty and integrity.

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