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Paparazzi Facebook Live Parties

How to do a Live Facebook Party:
1. Follow the steps to get ready in the How to Prepare for a Facebook Live party.
2. Go live from your phone works the best. You can also use if you want to do it from your desktop. Be sure to explain how the party works on the top of your video and in your video! 


$5 Jewelry Sale!
Comment sold and the number to claim
Share this video for a chance to win 2 free pieces
Shipping 1 to 2 items is $3, 3-9pieces $4, 10+ pieces is $6.50

3. Be sure to be family picture ready!
4. Give instructions in your video and welcome each person that comes on, tell them hi! Get them talking, be fun! Say I am going to hold up a piece of jewelry, comment sold and then the number. First person to comment sold on my screen gets it! Tell them to message you their email and mailing address on Facebook messenger. Let them know you will send them an invoice and ship the jewelry once paid!
5. Be sure you are booking parties and recruiting in your video. Say: "This is just so much fun! If you book a party, you get two free pieces just for hosting and 1 for every ten sold! It is so easy! Be the first two to comment book and get a mystery free piece!"
"I have the best job! I get to work from home. I had a party last week and sold 40 pieces! I made $100 in 3 hours! Tell how many pieces you have sold. You can use my example of me selling 96 pieces and making $220 in 3 hours! Where can you go get a job like that!"

How to Prepare for Live Facebook Party

1. Decide how many pieces you are going to show. I recommend showing as many as you can. I sell around 50 pieces if I show 100 items and I have sold 96 pieces when I showed 150 pieces! It is proven the more you show and invest in your business, the more people will buy!

2. Get a tripod to hold your phone for the live video. I got mine at amazon and love it. 

3. I use a Clip & Spin organizer to hold my earrings, and bracelets. 

4. It is very important to have great lighting for your video. Choose a spot in the house that has the most lighting, mine is my Office. Add lamps to the area to lighten it up. You will sell more if they can see the sparkle of the jewelry. I use the umbrella lights the most. Selfie light works good too. 

5. Some consultants use white round sticker labels to number the jewelry. Others use Permanent markers. I print it of some numbers made by another consultant and I went and got it laminated. Whatever you choose, make sure you have your jewelry numbered, so you are ready to go! You can download them by clicking on files.




6. I use baskets from dollar tree or walmart, to hold customers orders during my party. 
7. I use Index cards to write the Customers name on it and then put it in the basket during the Live video, it makes it easier for checkout process.
8. I use the Organza bags to put jewelry in that it came in from Paparazzi. Click here - I get 1,000 of 4x6 & 3x4 for really cheap.
9. Get a jewelry bust to show your necklaces on, so your customers can see how it looks on, or put it on you! Available in your back office through Paparazzi!
10. You can purchase a mannequin to model the jewelry for you! 

More below.... Click on the images for quick link. 

Female Mannequin
Photo Studio
Pro Photo Background
Fabric Background
Heavy duty clamps

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Click on the picture to get it

If you want the numbers to show the right way on the screen when doing a Paparazzi Facebook live then you must change the filter by using "Horizontal Flip"

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