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Hosting an Open House

Party Checklist 

Hosting your First Home party is essential! An Open House is a great way to announce your new business and book your first parties. An Open House is also terrific for Holidays, New Product Launches (Like Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter), etc.


This is where you invite literally everyone you can think of - and I mean EVERYONE - No matter if you know them or not, that is if you are comfortable inviting them to your home that is. Offering specials for booking a party from that Open House is recommended. Here are some other tips and ideas:

  • Balloons – To stir up excitement and energy about your new business! Put balloons outside and inside, they just signify PARTY!

  • Get some Cute Baskets for your Customers to use - Click Here

  • Raffle Tickets – You can raffle small items of each hour, or do a drawing at the end of the event for something larger. Give raffle tickets for whatever you would like: being on time, Bringing a shirt to accessorize, booking a party, bringing a friend, etc.

  • Mystery Hostess – To boost sales at your Open House you can offer a “Mystery Hostess Party” This means at the end of the Open House you will draw someone’s name from all of the orders to be the “Mystery Hostess” and receive the Hostess Rewards from the total sales of the Open House.


Quick Tips for an Open House:

  • Do not go overboard on the food, you do not want people coming there to eat. Light snacks and pitchers of tea and lemonade are more than enough.

  • Keep it Simple!

  • Always have a Calendar

  • Get a Yard Sign!

  • Pass out Personal Invitations, Put up Flyers, Send Reminders via text or Facebook.

  • How to set up?! Check some important ideas HERE


I've been with Paparazzi for over 4 years now, and I myself just threw a Party for Valentine's day. Worry about where to do it? Your house it's too small?? well let me tell you that when I first started Paparazzi, we used to live in a really small apartment, but I knew that my first step was to let EVERYONE know! So, I went places and asked how would cost me to throw a Party. I did my first Launch party at a Museum for FREE! I had 20 ppl come and I sold over $400.

Set a Date for your Launch Party. Within a week or 2 from signing up.

**Remember to NEVER Open a box alone!

A Launch Party is typically associated with new Consultants. It acts as a grand opening for a new Paparazzi business by getting your name out into the neighborhood and letting everyone know that you offer accessories that everyone can afford and that everyone loves! We hear story after story of new Consultants hosting “pre-launch” parties where friends and family come over for a sneak peek at the merchandise. These pre-launch parties almost always end in the same way: the Consultant immediately reorders as they watch the contents of their Starter Kit quickly sell right out of the box they were delivered in! 

Who says that a Launch Party should only be a one-time event for a Consultant and their business? Every time you receive new inventory, you should be inviting your clients, friends, and family members over to check out the new arrivals and claim their new favorite pieces. This time of year is a particularly perfect time to throw yourself a party as the new year arrives.

Stock up, spread the news, and throw yourself the most fabulous Launch Party your clients have ever seen!

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