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Power Hour check list:

Many of you only get a few hours a day to work your business and I want to make sure you are hitting all the important steps to being consistent in your business!

These steps should be done daily in your business!

____5 to 10 minutes: words of affirmations and personal development.

____5 to 10 minutes: checking back office and re calculating where you need to be to hit your monthly goal.

____5 to 10 minutes: reaching out to your downline. Not just personally enrolled. Everyday message girls and see how you can help and work on building your relationships.

____5 to 10 minutes: checking messages and following up. If you lose track keep a note book handy and write down who you talk to daily and when you need to follow up. Make sure you are checking in with customers to see how they like their jewelry.

____5 to 10 minutes: connecting with your audience. The more they get to know you the more they will feel comfortable talking to you and buying from you. You can do this by doing a live video of you doing something other than paparazzi. Post a silly picture. Be vulnerable and connect with other people through your struggles.

____5 to 10 minutes: providing good content. Selfies, pictures, videos, facebook lives. Everyday your friends need to see you with the jewelry. The more you post the more likely you will get a sale.

____5 to 10 minutes: building facebook algorithm. Post things that get your audience involved through Liking and commenting. Everyday there should be one post that will build your algorithm.

____5 to 10 minutes: finding new leads/friends. You constantly must be expanding your circle. Take time everyday finding and requesting friends. You can do this through interest groups, mutual friends suggestions, business page,etc. Friend request at least 10 people a day, and unfriend those who you've tried to connect with but they didn't respond.

____5 to 10 minutes: building relationships with your audience. Take time to like, comment, and respond to people that comment on your post. Like your friends post and ask questions. Send them a Voice message through facebook messenger.

____5 to 10 minutes: messaging about the opportunity. Minimum 5 messages a day.

____5 to 10 minutes: messaging to get parties. Minimum 5 messages a day.

____5 to 10 minutes: learning something new. Watch a training, watch a you tube video, stalk other leaders and get some creative ideas, read a book that teaches you how to be better... etc.

____5 to 10 minutes: checking your team group pages and catching up!

This list will keep you consistent in your business. You must be well rounded and you can't put all your eggs in one basket. Until you work out a routine in your business I would print this out and keep it as your daily check list. If you have more time to spend then spend more time on each of these things.

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