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Make checking out and gathering info easy in FB parties.

 (You can use this to gather team info or contest info and such too!)

When doing Facebook parties, I have said many times that whatever you do in person, you have to replicate online.   So how do you replicate a drawing slip and gather info so you can keep up with your customers and turn them into long-term customers?  How do your find out if they want to be added to your VIP/sales group?  How do you conduct check out and ensure you have their mailing address correct?  You ask them for it!!!  The easiest way to do these things at one time is to create a Google form.  I use a Google form every time I ask you to turn in your results in any contest I do.  I also gather my customers' info at Facebook parties using this tool.

When my guests buy from a Facebook party, I ask them to fill out this form and submit it.

When a person fills this out and submits it, it goes to a spreadsheet that keeps track of all the responses in one place.  It is heaven!  No more worrying about losing little pieces of paper or typing the info into my own spreadsheet.  It is automatic.  All my customers in one convenient place.

If you choose not to do a google form, most consultants just contact the customers via PM and ask for their info.  If you do that, I would recommend you ask them if they would like to host a party, get info on joining and if they want to receive a newsletter.   

I hope this makes Facebook parties much easier and more organized!!!!  I love it!

You can also use google forms to get responses from your team, do surveys of your customers or lots of other uses.  

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