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OK, so Instagram. I’ve been venturing deeper into the IG world recently. I’m using it solely as a way to draw people over to my VIP Group and my Business Page. The rules for posting in IG are different than FB because that’s all it is, Pictures. So Instagram is the only place where you will see me breaking our NUMBER ONE UNITED FASHIONISTAS TEAM RULE which is >>NO GRAPHICS<<

It's Important that you use
-Hashtags - Don’t use a hashtag that actually mentions Paparazzi, or a specific product name. When you do that, the only people you get looking at your posts are other Paparazzi Consultants. I made this mistake to begin with. Use hashtags that target specific groups of people. Examples would be:

Hashtag anything in the picture without using the words “Paparazzi”, etc. -- I make up my own hashtags. learned that quick.

-Your Bio - Use your Bio to give as much contact info as you can. I have my Facebook VIP group name, my Periscope handle, and my .COM domain link. If you haven’t yet set up your Domain to link directly to your Paparazzi website please refer to the directions in the Launch Together Training

Sign up for CinchShare by clicking here:

After clicking on that link you Begin your 7 day free trial and then enter CSFREE for your free month promo code!

Growing a Vibrant Audience

Repeat business is a fantastic method for increasing your sales. There are four additional benefits besides increasing sales that you’ll find when a client buys from you a second, third, and fourth time.

1. Each consecutive time someone purchases, the amount they purchase generally increases.
2. You invest less energy and fewer resources to close a deal.
3. Your social media shares and referrals increase.
4. Repeat clients purchase more gifts from you.

Staying connected to your clients is essential for consistent repeat business. Facebook Groups give you an incredible opportunity to stay in front of your clients. In the past you’ve had things like newsletters, follow up calling, advertising, and Facebook pages.

Facebook Groups are often seen by a higher number of the people who have joined versus the number of fans on a Facebook page. To make this a successful and income producing activity, there are two things that must happen.

1. First, you must consistently add people to your group and keep them talking and engaged.
2. Second, you must focus on regularly posting content that is interesting and adds value to your clients’ lives.

Adding Members to your Facebook Group:

** Past customers and hostesses -- 
Most of your customers and hostesses are very glad to be added to your Facebook Group. They like to hear new tips and tricks on how to creatively use the Jewelry and hear more about Fashion, in addition to having exclusive access to the specials you offer in your Group.

This option works well with current clients and previous hostesses. It shows respect while giving you an opportunity for adding more people faster. Send a message like this:

“Hello friend, I have a Facebook Group where I share interesting information including fun tips on a variety of ways to use our Jewelry. I also share specials there. 
You can find me at (copy and paste your Facebook Group page here).

To make joining easy for you, I’ll automatically add you to my Facebook Group unless I hear back from you. At any time, you’re able to remove yourself from the Group if you find it’s not something you need. I appreciate you and the fantastic
customer you are.”

Allowing customers the opportunity to opt-out or remove themselves from your Group is courteous and gives them the ability to self-manage their electronic activity.

As you meet new clients and contacts, you can invite and encourage them to join your Facebook Group.

*** Parties*** 
At your live and virtual parties, invite people to join your Facebook Group and offer them an incentive if they do. Share with them the great content you add and an example of the specials you run in the Group.

*** Booths and expos ***
As you meet new people at events, add them as friends right there at the booth and create an incentive for them to join your Group. This gives them the opportunity to check you out and discover what kind of person you are. They can learn to trust you and discover what a fantastic consultant you are to work with.

Adding Value and Content

It’s important to continuously add useful information. Regularly doing this gives you credibility and will help your clients see you as an expert.
Share tips and tricks on how to use the jewelry. How to wear it. How to storage it. They’ll visit your Group on a regular basis because they’re curious about what interesting information you’ve added today.

You may do spotlight posts about our product and an occasional post about a special. But 80%-90% should be “added value” content or you will lose members in your Group. Here are several types of added value you can post in your Group and one nice thing is that the content doesn’t all have to be from you.

Your content
Post three times daily using these categories;
1. Entertaining; inspirational, personal, funny
2. Added Value; how to, tips and tricks, 5-10 uses list
3. Questions; engagement and qualifying

Entertaining, inspirational, personal, funny

Once a day post a daily entertainment post. These can include images, videos and just a note written as a post. Share your favorite inspirational quotes, share something personal going on in your life or in your child’s, or share something funny.

When we touch the heart with something that is tender or something that creates laughter, you are more likable and people remember you.

Added Value; how to, tips and tricks, 5-10 uses list

A balance of posts regarding our product is very important. Make sure that the posts about specials, sales, and discounts are kept to 10%-20% of your posts. Some people will follow you because they want to know when a special is going to be announced. But people will follow you more because of the great ideas, tips, and tricks you share.

**Added-Value Content**
• Content from interesting web sites that relate to our jewelry or enrich the lives of your target audience
• Blogs from others
• Pins from Pinterest (
• E-magazine articles
• Guest Facebook Live (What’s this?
• Content from your web site or blog
• A short video (of you) highlighting a technique, product, upcoming class you’re offering, or the highlight of a personal event

**Make a Plan**

Making a plan is also very important. Using a 4-week planning outline can be incredibly helpful. Use a spreadsheet. Plan your topics and post four weeks ahead so you are always prepared if
a life crisis happens. You will also have more time and energy to take care of clients if your plan is in place for marketing in your FB Group. You’ll give better customer service when you have a plan.

Schedule all of your posts on Facebook!!! 

There are many ways to add fantastic content:
• 5 Part series: There are so many topics, nuggets of wisdom, and helpful tips you can share about your product. I'm doing Color Blocking series next week.
• 1 product, 5 uses: Choose a product that has multiple uses and show one daily via an image or video. By showing multiple uses, this increases the value of the product and which diminishes the feeling of “it’s expensive” Example? The Scarf Necklace. Different ways to use the Hair Clip.
• Spring and fall debut
• Gift ideas
• Reviews from others or success stories
• Product spotlight
• Favorite things
• Q&A Facebook Live sessions
Vary the type of posts you use to share this information. State things in words, share an image (preferably one you’ve created), share videos, and do Facebook Live sessions. Change things up to minimize Facebook blocking you from using different features.

** Engagement Questions **

You can post about our product all day long and show a million images of our amazing Jewelry. But until you get current and future clients talking and communicating, your sales will be minimal.

The best way to create engagement is to ask questions that Facebook Group members answer. Asking about their interest level and what is the best fit are great ways to better understand the degree of need of each individual.

The questions must be opened ended and have the option to be answered with something other than yes/no. These are three of our favorite type of questions.

• On a scale of 1=10;
o how interested are you in …? (On a scale of 1-10, how interested are you in learning how to Layer Necklaces?)
o how much do you enjoy ...? (On a scale of 1-10, how much do you enjoy cooking?)
o how much of a priority is …? (On a scale of 1-10, how much of a priority is it to you to have jewelry on when you leave the house?)

• How many days a week or month: 
o How many days a week do you wear makeup?

• Multiple Choice; 
o Which of these do you most prefer? A. B. C. or D.

By using these tips, you’ll see the engagement sky rocket in your Group. Engagement goes hand in hand with how much people purchase. In a group, these people are usually individuals who have already purchased from you in the past.

Having massive engagement and energy in your Group will do amazing things to increase your overall and repeat sales.

Need more ideas?

These questions can be used in many places;

1. On your Facebook profile or wall
2. In your customer/VIP groups
3. In your team groups
4. In groups you are a member of and looking to make new friends
5. On your business Facebook Page
6. On other social media platforms like Instagram

If you are struggling to get engagement, there are a couple things to look at.

1. Consider adding more friends.
1-2% of your friends are the highest percentage that will ever comment. If you have 200 friends, 2-4 comment is high. If you have 1000 friends, 10-20 comments, that is high. Continue to find ways to add friends is one way to increase engagement.
2. Commenting on the other’s posts

Commenting on the posts of your friends will increase the amount of people who see your posts. Take time daily to share interest in your friends by commenting and engaging.

One of the most important keys to being successful in sales on Facebook is to have fantastic engagement. Engagement is considered comments or shares, likes and emotion Facebook emojis do not give the same benefit.

Comments come most often when we ask questions and show interest in our Facebook friends. One type of question that is extremely beneficial is “Engaging Questions.” These are questions that almost anyone can answer. Asking about their life, their experiences, and their opinions can generate a great deal of comments and that is the goal.

When we receive a high number of comments on any post, Facebook says, “Clearly Jane’s friends find her interesting, we should show her posts to more people.” In turn, when you post an image or video about your product, Facebook will show it to more of your friends and followers.

Remember that we all like people who show interest in us. When we ask questions, we’ll build greater connections with our facebook friends. Be sure to reply and create greater bonds.

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