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Hi Ladies! Thanks for checking out the Fashionistas Booking Scripts.  

Please know that THE FOLLOWING scripts, you are welcome to copy and use. You can also tweak it as you send the message to your customers. Please Make it Personal! It's all about BUILDING relationships! DON'T ASK SOMEONE YOU HAVEN'T TALK IN A LONG TIME. Start by commenting and engaging with them before you ask.

Remember: If a friend says yes to a party--- make her feel super duper special and a top priority. Don't tell her you're too busy right then and there to firm up her date... even if you are. (Who isn't busy these days, right?) Don't give her all the details about YOUR busyness, like, "I'm getting ready to wash my dog right now, but will get back to you later." Instead, respond to her (with the focus on HER) and say something instead like, "Wahoo! I'm pumped! So excited, Megan! I'll be in touch in just a bit and we can pick your date." And then message her back later... even if it's after you wash your dog. Make sense?

Before we start our Booking Blitz tonight think about this for a minute:

Last year in Oct I had 29 parties... who knows how many I had to ask to get that many. Of the 29, 10 qualified, 8 had some sales, and 11 were maybe $0-50 sales.

It's quality of the party, BUT it's also quantity. What if the 11 that had $0-50 sales were the first ones I had? Most would've said something isn't working... It works but you have to have quantity. You have to be willing to just keep doing them even when there are zeros because every party expands your network. For every person that tells me they had a party with zero sales, I promise I can triple that number. The party isn't about the sale. The success of the party isn't about how much was sold. It's about expanding your network. You have no idea who will be in that ONE party that may have zero sales. I have had super faithful customers for unqualified parties. I have team members joined me from unqualified parties! We have to stop determining the success of the method by the number of dollars it makes, but by the number of people it connects you to.

*Qualify parties in my head are $250+ just so you have an idea

I've been meaning to touch on this topic for some time now. I realize there are many of you who have similar social circles or live locally to one another. It can get sticky when you have friends in common and navigating who that person should buy from. First and foremost, a customer always has the right to choose who she purchases from. One thing I ALWAYS do though... when someone asks to join my VIP Group I find out if they have a consultant that they currently order through. If they say yes, I encourage her to stick with her consultant out of respect for her business. I also realize that when a customer orders under one of my teammates its helps me, too.... however, I never leverage this as a way to make them order through me. For example, I wouldn't say "you should order through me because it helps me and my sponsor out"... if that customer was originally my sponsor's customer. Manipulating people will get you NO where fast.

That being said.... here's some tough love. Stop focusing on the single sale. If you are so worried about one single customer, your network is NOT large enough.  My BEST customers are people I have never met. They are women I have gained through networking in parties. I could loose all of my best customers and it wouldn't kill my business because I am building my network every single day.... gaining new "best" customers. So... if you lose a customer to one of your downline or vice versa.... don't spend time worrying about it. Focus on building wider. There is plenty of success to go around. You just have to go after it... and I promise its outside the walls of your social circle and local town. Go after it!! Pssst... Plus remember that our inventory changes daily, so We will have different pieces!

You know that little voice in your head, the one that makes excuses every time you get ready to hit that “message” button? You know... that one that says... no one will say yes and people might get annoyed if I ask.... Well, stuff a sock in its mouth and Let's get started! We’re about to take it up a notch. We are having a Team Fashionistas Booking Blitz!!! What's that?? It's when we come together as a team and book parties... yep we do it scared but we do it together!!

Tonight we are going to booking some parties together!! Every time you get a YES to a party, COUNT THEM!! 

You most certainly get some NO's!! That is okay!! Every no gets you closer to a yes. No doesn't mean never.... just not now. Thank her for getting back you and then Count them when you get a NO!!

Okay, let's get right down to business!

The first thing I want you to do is to look at what friends are having birthdays This/Next month! To do that from a computer click the "events" tab. Then to the right, you will see “birthday’s this week” click the see all tab beside it to see all birthday’s this month! From a phone click events then scroll down to the bottom, click upcoming birthdays and you can scroll down to the Current Month.

You are going to send EACH of these ladies a separate message that says:

Hey, NAME!!! I am setting up my birthday bling bashes for *ADD MONTH* and I saw that you have a birthday coming up! What do you say to a super fun online birthday bling bash!?! I’ll post lots of fun fashion/jewelry tips to help all your friends learn how to wear the jewelry, plus I’ll have collages of all the jewelry I have creating a Fashion set. The best part is, you earn free jewelry when they order! Win win! I’ve got a couple of open dates, would love to put your name down! What do you think?

**feel free to change any of the wording to make it fit you... but end with a question!**

When you've done all the birthdays, this is next!

Look on the right side of your screen. See those green dots? Message those people! Here's what I'm saying:

Hi, NAME ! I'm sitting here scheduling out my online Bling parties for this month. I saw you were online, so I thought I'd see if you'd like to try and earn some free jewelry. They are really fun and mostly about learning about fashion and Jewelry. What do you think?
Hey! I’m online (and noticed you are too). I’m booking my Bling classes for the month. Would you be interested in earning some free and half priced Jewelry? Here’s a quick video if you want more info: (ADD YOUR PARTY INFO VIDEO IF YOU HAVE ONE)

Time to talk to those girls in your personal VIP group! 
Check out the members of your VIP Group, and message 5 (or more) girls!

"Hi, NAME! I am setting up my Bling Bash Parties for the month, and would love to help you earn some free jewelry! I’ll post lots of Fashion/Jewelry tips to help all your friends learn about accessorizing their outfit, plus I’ll show some awesome Jewelry collages as sets creating an Awesome look/style. What do you think?"

HOME PARTY SCRIPT: (For those Local Friends)

Hi----! I'm so Excited! I have New jewelry coming my way!! It's Gorgeous and I thought of you!! I was wondering if you would like to do a Girl's night out at your house, Host an Accessorize Me University Class OR maybe do a Blingo Night? it's a FUN and Easy Experience for you and Your girlfriends. It's a New Season, new outfits, we want free time without kids lol.. All you do it's invite them, get some drinks and cookies, and I'll do the rest! I bring all of my Pretty jewelry that you know is only $5, and I will have games with giveaways, and your friends will have so much FUN! What do you think? Would you like to try it!? Usually people go crazy over this gorgeous $5 Jewelry so your friends will love it! I have the following days available ---------------. Any work for you?! Pssst... you get 2 FREE for hosting and 1 for every 10 pieces sold!

BASKET PARTY SCRIPT: (local Friends)
Hi----! I'm so Excited about this New Season!! New Outfits!! I know that you are always busy with work but you always look so put together and pretty! I also know that you have seen my jewelry line and like it. was wondering if you would like to take a Purse/Basket Full of Jewelry to Work and show it to your friends and co-workers? it's so much FUN and Easy. All you do it's show the Jewelry on lunch hour. What do you think? Would you like to try it!? Usually people go crazy over this gorgeous $5 Jewelry so your friends will love it! I have the following days available ---------------. Any work for you?! Pssst... you get 1 FREE for hosting and 1 for every 10 pieces sold!

You did amazing!! Keep going!!

Keep the conversations happening!!

You ROCKED this Booking Blitz!!

Congrats to all of you who booked some parties during our Booking Blitz!!! We've got a lot of NO's but some Yes's came out of it!! -- So here are some reminders when doing your parties:

1) Be organized. Have a plan and a script... no matter what format you are using. 

2) Be YOU!! Just be genuine and offer the ladies in that event/group something... information and entertainment. 

3) Add friends!! The whole point is to expand your network. If doing Events Parties, Look at the "Going" "Interested" that people has click on and send friend request. If doing group Parties, Look at the "seen by" number on your posts and send friend requests. 

4) Make sure to message all your new friends before the party ends to thank them and see if they have questions.

5) Use your wall!!! Your new friends need to see you active on your wall!! Engaging posts and going LIVE!! 

6) About a week or so after the party ends.... add your new friends to your VIP group.


Friend who expressed interest in a Facebook party -- “Hey girl! Ahhhh! I’ve been meaning to message you! I know you
said you wanted to try a Facebook party. Yay!! When were you
thinking? June? July? August?”

Friend who expressed interest in booking a home party -- “Hey Tammy! Listen, I know you told me you’d like to invite some
friends over. I’m excited to get you some free goodies! July and
August are great months to be a hostess! We’ll have new stuff!
Let’s pick a date? Yeah?”

A past hostess who is too busy for a home party right now -- “Sue!! Girl!!! I know!!! You’re crazy busy too, aren’t you? Life is
nuts! Listen, not sure you’d be interested, but since a home party
is out I am doing Jewelry parties on Facebook now. Yes!
All done on Facebook! Maybe you’d be interested in inviting your
girlfriends to a virtual party instead??? OR have you heard about our Basket parties? I fill a purse/bag with Bling and you take it with you everywhere!”

A friend/acquaintance doesn’t respond to your last message about setting a date even though she saw it -- 
The next day: DON’T MESSAGE HER

A week later: “Hey girl, listen, I’m not stalking you, well, maybe I
am… if you’ve changed your mind about hosting a party, no worries…
But, if you are still up for it, my dates are filling up. I have
July 15th or August 1st. Just let me know! I know life is crazy!”

How to Book Parties at
Home Party/Events?

If you want to book more parties, try giving away a "free gift" at a party or event. It just needs to be a cute package. Give away a piece of jewelry you want to get rid of. If you want to add the "dice game" to the free gift, you will book more.

What do you need for the Game?

1.  One pair of dice

2.  11 cards with envelopes numbered 2-12

              2- GRAND PRIZE

              3,4,5,12- WIN A PRIZE

              6,7,8,9,10,11- BOOK A SHOW

3.  Several goodie bags (I put a piece of Jewelry)

Before you start the game, tell everyone that this game is optional.  To play, they must do what’s on the card.  They roll the dice and pick a card that goes along with the number.  If their card says “Win A Prize”, they take a prize from your basket of prizes.  If their card says “Book A Show”, they must book a show.  And if their card says “Grand Prize”, they get a gift and book a show.  Remind them that when they book a show, they will get lots more for free at their party (1 for every 10 pcs sold).

Also, have your calendar in front and center with dates ready for bookings!!!! NOW is the time to start booking like crazy!!! Let's do this Fashionistas!

The Balloon Game - 

As guests enter the party, give them each a balloon.  Inside each balloon is a folded note.  Tell them that this is their balloon for the night and to hold onto it.  As the show goes on, they’ll be curious about this balloon and what’s inside.

Time to check out, tell them that inside each balloon is a bonus/prize.  If they book a party, they can pop the balloon to reveal their prize.  It can be anything from free shipping, a small item, gift certificate to a local shop or a Grand Prize that will be given at their show.  That’s up to you.

I love this game.  Once your guests hear the first pop, the rest want to pop theirs too.  At one of my parties, nobody jumped right in to try it.  Finally, a guest told me she wanted to book.  I got out my pin and popped it for her.  After that, the pops were everywhere.  It just takes one to get it going.

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