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Our Goal

Let's Flourish Together Fashionistas!

This website has been create to help every consultant with Paparazzi Accessories. Whether you are a part of our Team United Fashionistas Team, or in a different team. We can all succeed together! I am looking forward to helping you Achieve what you thought was impossible. 

Work Smarter and not Harder. Master ONE thing at a time.


Andrea has been with Paparazzi since 2012. She's originally from Lima, Peru. She came to the United States in June 2007 without knowing the Language. She loves teaching and helping others. She has a given heart, and she has a contagious excitment. She received Christ as her personal Savior in 2009. She loves God and she will never be ashamed to share that with you. She's bold and passionate about Systems and Time Management. Her husband Danny helps her behind the scenes as he has managed many warehouse around the world. He left his full time job to joined her and help her. They are an amazing couple to be around. 

Find her on facebook at: Personal Page

or watch them do a Live:  Business Page

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