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Step 1- Launch party 

Schedule 2 launch parties – 1 during the week, 1 on a Weekend. Do them in the same week.

Need to have displays ready, hand out invites, invite everyone you know or don’t know!!!

One on Facebook as well.

Step 2 – Create a Facebook page & VIP Group

Invite friends to like and encourage people to share your page. Post pics of jewelry, about parties, etc.

Step 3 Create a Resource List – This is for both team building and parties

100 or more people who you can contact about Paparazzi.

Rule #1 – No judging! You never know who may be interested or willing to host a party.

Family, extended family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, organizations you belong to, occupation, educational, athletic contacts, people you do business with, holiday friends

Step 4 – Create a Referral Program

If you give me 3 names of someone you know that may be interested in hosting a party or selling paparazzi, you get a free item.

Step 5 – Have 6 parties in your first month

2 launch parties, 4 additional parties.

Step 6- Book 2 or more parties at every party

Ask everyone “When do you want to host a party?”

Offer extra pieces for booking on the spot

Step 7 – Team Building

Talk to everyone about Paparazzi


Have a Getting Started flyer and put it in every bag to let people know they can earn 45% from every sale. Tell them about your referral program.


The number one common denominator between the highest recruiters is that they are likable. That's their super power. They have put insecurities, doubts, and fears aside. They have put themselves, their whole selves, out for others to see. The truth is... it's not that some present themselves as unlikeable... it more that they just don't put themselves out at all. Give your followers the chance to connect with you. Give them the chance to like you and want to get to know you. Give them the opportunity to respect the way you run your business, your family, and your personal time. Show it to them. Be funny. Laugh at yourself. Show your flaws. Give them your beauty. You will find them responding better to your messages because they feel like they know you, rather then ignoring what you write. You will see them coming to you, rather then you having to chase them down.

Recruiting TIP #1: People join with someone who is likable.

Remember people join this business to make money. In order to attract people, you need to be making some money. We do this through selling. You expand your network through selling. You keep your team members by teaching them about selling. Don't think for one second that recruiting isn't in direct correlation to your sales. Top recruiters are also top sellers. They know their product and they are passionate about it. If you can sell the product, you can sell the opportunity. But if you can't sell the product, you'll never sell the opportunity.

Recruiting TIP #2: People join people who sell the product.

Recruiting tip #1: People join people who are likable. 
Recruiting tip #2: People join people who sell the product. 
Recruiting tip # 3: People join people who are memorable.

Be the one on everyone's newsfeed that they remember. Make people want to watch you. Be different. Leave others feeling good about themselves and about the way you run your business. Offer them something before you ever expect anything from them. Give them confidence in themselves and hope that they can change their lives. You can do this!! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I'll answer each one.

100 people to
help you get started!

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