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An Active Paparazzi Consultant

Many consultants don’t bother with maintaining their active status, but there are 3 really great reasons why every consultant should!

Here they are…

#3 Your name is listed in the online Consultant Finder! While this may not seem like a big deal to some people, you never know when someone is going to place a random online order or look up consultants in their area to join their team. Being in the Consultant Finder is a great way to boost your business! I personally have had both of those things happen online because I was listed!

#2You earn commission on your downline and on any new consultants you personally sponsor into the business that month. It’s never wise to leave money on the table! Do you want to miss out because you didn’t order 25 pieces this month?

And the NUMBER ONE reason to maintain your Active Status every month?

#1You keep fresh inventory moving into your business! I cannot tell you how many times I have sold “older” pieces alongside my brand new orders. It happens all the time! If you keep the same inventory month after month, you will always have to find new people to show your jewelry to. However, when you add new items and mix them in with your “older” pieces, people see them in a new light! You will sell that necklace you have had for 4 months because you now have a bracelet that looks great with it!

If you aren’t already active this month, what are you waiting for?

Paparazzi Accessories puts brand new pieces in the back office for us to order on a near daily basis!

Go now and place your order for 25 new pieces! Your business will thank you!

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