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Hungry for More Sales? Don’t Forget to E.A.T.!

Do you remember when you first considered becoming a Paparazzi Consultant? Were you drawn to the accessories? Were you inspired by the income potential? Maybe you were attracted to the famous $5 price tag or were encouraged by the confidence that could be generated from a seemingly simple piece of jewelry. Whatever your reason, chances are that you discovered it at a Paparazzi party.

Parties are the lifeblood of Paparazzi. Parties are where you meet new customers, future Hostesses, and potential new team members. Parties are what connect customers to the product, and, more importantly, they connect the product to YOU. Whether you party at home, online, or at expos and events, there is one thing you can do that will increase your retail profit: E.A.T.

E is for Enthusiasm: Try to remember the first time you laid eyes on Miss YOU-niverse, A Silver Spell, or Hypnotized and how excited you were when you found out it was only $5. This is the level of enthusiasm that your customers should feel when you are selling ANY piece at ANY party! Do you let your customers see your excitement for Paparazzi? Whether you’re hosting an online party or working with a Hostess in her home, keep your energy up, remember to smile, and interact with your customers as often as you can.