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Paparazzi Pink Friday Ideas

Hello, Ladies! Because we are coming up on Black Friday and customers expect a deal on that day, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you about Paparazzi's Policies and Procedures in relation to what we can offer our customers.

Paparazzi has great reasons for wanting us to stick to our agreement, and it benefits us all. If any consultant sells the $5 Jewelry for less than $5, they undercut all other consultants, and therefore devalue our product. If you offer a free item with a purchase, you are also devaluing it.

Paparazzi allows us to do these things, and JUST these things:

* Tax free - so you are giving up whatever tax you have paid for that it. For instance, in VA, we pay $.30 each item, so we are giving up that $.30 in profit therefore getting less than our 45% commission.

* Free Shipping - again, this is on us. This is for selling from your inventory, so if it costs $3 to ship that person's order, you are giving up that in profit.

Many consultants require a minimum purchase to get Tax Free or Free Shipping. (For instance, buy 10, get free shipping, etc)

* Buy 12, Get the 13th Free - this is on you. You give that 13th item if you wish to do that. This is not for online purchases from Papa

* Hostess Rewards - When we place an order from our back office, Papa gives us a free "hostess reward". You can do anything you want with that freebie from them. I personally sell them. When doing parties, I allow my hostesses to pick freebies from my inventory for the amount that they have sold (1 item for every 10 sold). I do not give a piece of jewelry for having a party. This is my choice. Paparazzi does want us to "spoil" our hostesses, so they will allow you to do that, as well as doubling the hostess rewards. I usually do a giveaway for a free "mystery" item during the party for the party-goers, and as per the Papa agreement, I do not make that contingent upon a purchase. Keep in mind that anything that you give away during a party cuts into your profit, as this is your responsibility.

* Any promotions that Paparazzi offers on the website - Currently, if a customer purchase 7 items online from Paparazzi, they get a free necklace from Paparazzi. (It is a necklace that they have chosen. The customer does not choose it.)

Please comment below if there is a way that you use the above guidelines successfully when promoting your business at an event. We do need to share successful ideas with our Paparazzi family. Thank you!

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