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Building an Empire: Turning Habits into Consistent Success According to science, it can take up to 66 days or 66 tries to form a new habit. Habits can be anything from making healthy choices to daily routines. Some habits form naturally, while others take time to establish a consistent practice. Humans are habitual creatures which prompts us to return to our favorite diner, shopping mall, or car mechanic because we know what to expect. We return to these businesses time and time again because they have consistently provided us with satisfying results. As a Consultant, it is important to be consistent with not only your team members, but your customers as well. By consistently creating a schedule and sticking to it, we create positive habits that positively impact our business. Being consistent is not only a personal ambition, but also an underrated business tool that will establish you as a leader. Below are a few ways to help you be consistent when it comes to building your team and your clientele. Being Consistent with Your Team: Honoring Commitments: If you have committed to help a team member with an upcoming show or home party, then it is important to honor those commitments by showing up and doing your part. As a leader, there is no greater tool than a team member knowing they can count on you and find support in their upline. Follow Up: When developing leaders within your team, it is crucial that you hold up your end of the agreements you make. If you promise to call and follow up on a goal that was set, make sure you actually call and follow up. If you don’t uphold your end of the bargain, you can’t expect your team members to uphold theirs. Keep Appointments and Stick to Schedules: If you have made if part of your schedule to have a regular team meeting or training call, then be consistent and maintain that tradition! Consistently keeping in contact with your team builds a stronger team! Always Have a Backup: We all know emergencies happen, but that doesn’t have to stop us from preparing for those times that life decides to throw us a curveball. Always have a second-in-command who is trained and knowledgeable in your business that can step in and assist when needed. You can also pre-record training sessions that you can share if you’re unable to make the regularly scheduled appointment. Being Consistent with Your Customers: Make Every Response, a Rapid Response: Make it a habit to respond quickly and promptly to customer needs and questions. Taking the time to make a customer feel special creates a loyal customer. Have Regular Hours of Operation: Maintaining consistent hours of operation, establishes a professional and reliable routine that makes our customers feel satisfied. Create an Organized Online Presence: We often forget what a valuable and accessible tool social media has become! In both our personal and business lives, it is important to keep a structured schedule; the same is true for social media. Create a schedule pertaining to online parties, posts, or reminders and stick to them! Perhaps every Monday post new inventory with your friends or every Friday, throw an online party. Keep consistent and your customers will consistently come back. Being consistent with your own business practices can teach you a lot about your personal Paparazzi business. When you incorporate a new technique, do it consistently for a minimum of three weeks to a month in order to get an accurate gauge on its efficacy. If you decide to make phone calls every week, you can’t see the effects until you’ve repeated the behavior consistently! Big businesses around the world have built their empires simply by being consistent. Their customers know what to expect and those satisfying results keep them coming back for more. By creating habits and transforming those habits into consistencies, we not only build our team and clientele, but we also build our empires!

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