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Are You Ready for the Holiday Season?

This time of year always brings a noticeable shift for Paparazzi Consultants. Customers seem to come out of the woodwork as everyone begins shopping for friends and loved ones. This excitement generates a kind of momentum that can be overwhelming if you’re not ready for it. It can also propel you through the coming months, setting you up for an incredible new year! While online shopping continues to increase in popularity, don’t get caught off-guard when those customers come knocking on your door, looking for last minute gifts. These face-to-face interactions with your customers are priceless! Not only does it give them the chance to touch and try on all of your gorgeous inventory, it gives you the opportunity to share your story, highlight your favorite pieces, and suggest coordinating accessories to complete a look. Here are some tips to help you maximize the momentum of the holiday shopping season: Stock Up on Neutrals: There’s a reason that neutrals are the most popular choice when it comes to accessorizing. Black, silver, gold, and white are timeless – and they go with everything! Make sure your displays are filled with a variety of styles in neutral colors to help your shoppers find that perfect gift.

Pre-Pack Gift Sets: Try setting up a display of your favorite $20 combination and then pre-packing several of that set in ready-to-go gift bags. Need help putting together a group of four accessories? Check out the Trend Blends inside the monthly Fashion Fix! To see the latest Trend Blends, go to the Fashion Fix section of your Back Office shopping cart. Gift Bags: Make sure you have plenty of gift bags and keepsake boxes on hand to offer your customers that finishing touch that will leave a lasting impression. A variety of colors and designs are available in your Back Office for only $1.00 a piece. You can’t beat that!

  • Pink Keepsake Gift Box – Item #I109

  • Gray Keepsake Gift Box – Item #I110

  • Black Gift Bag with Silver Logo – Item #I111 (Includes three sheets of pink tissue paper!)

  • Pink Gift Bag with Silver Logo – Item #I112 (Includes three sheets of black tissue paper!)

Time to get those holiday parties booked!

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