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Adopt an SWSWSWSW Attitude

When building your Paparazzi business, you will inevitably encounter people who will reject you. There will be people who don’t have time to invest. There will be those who think the concept of direct sales is a big scam. And there will be people – often family members and close friends – who will tell you that your plan for success is nothing but a pipe dream. Take a deep breath and remember the SWSWSWSW attitude, presented by the inspiring Tiffany Peterson:

Some Will. Some Won’t. So What! Someone’s Waiting.

There is an old sales adage that explains that your gauge of success should be based on the number of “no’s” you receive in a day. The more people you talk to, not only will you hear more no’s, you’ll also hear more yeses. It is not your job to convince people that Paparazzi is for them. Only they can make that decision. Remember that many times a “no” turns into a “not right now” as circumstances change down the line. Showing people that you are continuing to build a successful team and business while having fun will keep that door open. They can then approach you comfortably when the time is right for them. The SWSWSWSW attitude applies to those who are already on your team, too! There will be Consultants who are hungry for success and willing to do anything it takes to make their business grow. By contrast, you’ll also have team members who will tell you they’re in it to win it, but then cancel appointments, avoid phone calls, and fill you with excuses. Just remember: Some Will. Some Won’t. So What! Someone’s Waiting. Focus your time and energy on people who are as excited about Paparazzi as you are and people who inspire you to continue to grow. Just because people have negative things to say about what you’re doing, does not mean you need to listen to them! SWSWSWSW!

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