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The Three Pillars of a Strong Paparazzi Business

Paparazzi – and each Consultant’s individual business – was built on three pillars of success: Accessorize. Invite. Become. As you have parties and share the jewelry ACCESSORIZE, you will inevitably have the opportunity to INVITE people to shop, host, or join your team. This will allow you to BECOME a Sponsor, a fashion Consultant, and a leader. Excluding any one of these from our business will limit our potential and will result in lost momentum. It’s also critical to remember that these pillars do not represent a lineal progression. Once you become a Sponsor, that doesn’t mean that you stop throwing parties or inviting people to experience what Paparazzi offers. A truly successful Consultant incorporates each one of these pillars into their daily business practices. A farm is a perfect example of how applying basic principles on a consistent basis can generate some amazing results. In the spring, a new crop is planted. Throughout the growing season, the crop is cared for by water, fertilizer, and daily attention. At the end of the growing season, it is time to harvest. The harvest allows you to sell the fruits of your labor and then reinvest for the next season’s crop. These same concepts apply whether you’re working in a small backyard garden or managing endless acres of land. Consider this: If a farmer gets tired of planting new seeds and only wants to water their plants and harvest, it won’t work. If all the farmer does is plant new seeds, but never waters, there will be no harvest. And if the farmer only shows up to harvest, without preparing for a new crop in the spring, their business will be incredibly short-lived. Your Paparazzi business is just like a farm! Without parties, you will not have a team or Hostesses to tend to or a profit to benefit from. Without caring for your current team, you will not have a team to enjoy. And, if you only sit back and revel in your team’s efforts, your success as a leader will quickly fade. Continued success requires continued effort in each pillar of Paparazzi. There are countless resources available that can help you maximize the three pillars of Paparazzi. Here are three of the most helpful tools that have been developed with your success in mind:

  • The Party Checklist is a result of feedback from each of the Founders and countless Consultants on what makes a party successful. It includes pre-party planning, Hostess preparation ideas, party supply necessities, and post-party wrap up. Don’t host a party without it!

  • The New Consultant Checklist allows you to help your newest team member get started on the right path. This checklist provides you, their Sponsor, key talking points that will assist you in building strong working relationships with your team right out of the gate.

  • The Leadership Worksheet is a great tool for you to keep a snapshot of your business right in front of you. Use it to set goals for yourself or your teammates and then track the progress. The formula found under the ‘Parties’ section of the worksheet is a must have. It puts the goals that you set into achievable numbers. Your business will never be the same!

All of these Business Accessories are available for download in the ‘Checklists & Worksheets’ folder in the Resources section of your Back Office.

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