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Find, Capture, and Own the Fall Season

The fall is full is moments. Full of moments to grow a business, foster relationships, and become a leader. To make this fall season your most successful season yet, we’ve compiled a few ways to help you find, capture, and own those moments! Find It:

  • Find Customers. The best way to find new customers is by being a product of the product. That means wearing Paparazzi jewelry everywhere you go! Not only will your customers be amazed by the allure of the product, but they will be more inclined to invest in the product because they see that you believe in it.

  • Find Jewelry. To become a product of the product, wear eye-catching pieces that draw customers to you. Blockbusters, direct matching sets, and glitzy statement makers are always the best conversation starters! Wearing bold pieces not only hooks new shoppers, but also exudes a certain level of confidence that people are naturally drawn to.

  • Find the Outfit. Everyone has a go-to outfit that makes them feel like a goddess! Find that outfit that makes you feel like your best self and make it your go-to uniform for your home parties and shows. If you dress the part, you will become the part! So put on those heels or those fancy black slacks and radiate confidence!

Capture It:

  • Stealing Hearts: Once you find your customers, you need to truly capture them! The best way to capture loyal customers is by stealing their hearts with the three C’s of organized displays: Clean, Color Blocking, and Consistency. Keeping an organized display is the best way to capture customers. Nobody likes to rummage through unorganized clothes racks at the store! Keep your display clean and organized so your customers can easily find what they want, when they want!

  • Instant Satisfaction: Another perk of keeping clean and organized displays is that your customers can experience instant satisfaction! Time is of the essence and everyone seems to be in hurry! The best experience you can provide for your customers is for them to see it, buy it and move on! By keeping organized displays, Consultants are able to provide this quick-paced sales tactic fitting for the quick-paced world we live in.

  • Contagious Excitement: Try to remember your first experience with Paparazzi. That thrill and excitement of finding affordable jewelry is the exact emotion your customers are feeling when they encounter the accessories for the first time! That excitement is contagious and will spread among all your customers if you are as excited about the product as they are.

Own It:

  • Customer Engagement: If you truly love what you do, customers will naturally flock to your booth. Your excitement for the product will spread like wildfire and there will be no containing it! Try to spread this excitement by actively engaging with your customer. Help them try on the products and see what a difference it makes actually versus hanging on the display. Positively engaging with your customer will create positive outcomes.

  • Step into your Role: Owning your moment means stepping into your moment. Be proud of your accomplishments by stepping into your role as a Paparazzi Consultant. Be available for those last minute gift giving opportunities, actively seek out ways to give compliments, and confidently suggest add-on pieces that will complement a set! Owning your role will, in return, help you own the moments that matter.

  • VIBs: Don’t forget those Very Important Buyers! Own your role by truly living it! Get to know your customers and their styles, so that you can easily play an active role in their purchases. Perhaps one of your customers can’t get enough stone necklaces or giggles with excitement when you show them a new Uniquely Urban bracelet − find their style and sell them their style. Getting to know the likes and dislikes of your customers creates VIBs!

Don’t miss your moment to shine this fall! Now is the time to actively seek out the moment that could be life-changing! Find It… Capture It… Own It.. By making the most of the fall season, you’ll set yourself up for a phenomenal holiday season and beyond.

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