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Your Paparazzi Replicated Site

Did you know that as a Paparazzi Consultant, you receive a personally branded website? Yes! For FREE!!!!! This website is Known as a replicated website. This incredible business tool allows you to introduce others to the fabulous world of Paparazzi with professionalism and style. It also offers your customers an easy way to feed their $5 habit anytime, anywhere! Featuring the beautiful design of, your replicated site includes a personalized touch that allows you to display your picture, contact information and even your Paparazzi story!

Your Paparazzi story is unmatched in its ability to connect you with people. It delivers the message of Paparazzi to customers and potential new Consultants in a relatable, genuine, and personalized fashion. Your story should be second-nature to you. You should be proud of it and be ready to share it every chance you get!

Take some time to learn your story. How has Paparazzi impacted YOU personally? Focus on the benefits of being a Paparazzi Consultant versus the features. Everyone knows that you love Paparazzi because of the incredibly affordable fashion. What they may not know is that it has allowed you to buy groceries for the month or pick out school clothes for your kids. Maybe you've paid off a student loan or been able to quit your job and enjoy more family time. Think back over your history with Paparazzi. How have you benefited from the simple action of selling $5 accessories to friends and neighbors? Make a list of the benefits you’ve seen – it may surprise you! Check out my story here.

As you continue to share Paparazzi, your story will become stronger. Review it often! As you achieve new milestones or notice a new benefit, make a note of it and share it! Let Everyone know! These elements are also pulled into the online Consultant Search, where party seekers, retail shoppers, and potential new Consultants visit daily.* The more personable your profile, the more likely you are to attract one of those visitors to your site.

Your replicated site goes live the second you become a Consultant. To see yours, go to www.PaparazziAccessories.comXX/XX, where XXXX is your Consultant ID. Do you have a new enrollment ready to sign up? They can enroll right from your replicated site! Have a customer ready to shop? Send them to your replicated website. They can feed their $5 habit and you still receive that fabulous 45% commission you’ve grown to love. Want to add your business name or other personal touch to your URL? Contact the Paparazzi Support Team at (855) 697-2727 and they can make that change for you. Everything else can be customized right from your Back Office (BO).