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Integrating Exclusive Pieces into Your Business Development

Being a successful Consultant means taking advantage of the many resources and tools that Paparazzi has made available to your team. These resources are available because they’ve been proven to work! Positively integrating them into your business model will produce enormous results! One resource that is often overlooked is access to exclusive pieces. Whether you gain access to these exclusive accessories by subscribing to the Fashion Fix, becoming a Life of the Party member, or by attending Paparazzi events such as convention or the Empower Me Pink Tour, this priority access is an exclusive tool that is often left untapped! Below is a list of just a few ways to help you get the most out of your exclusive pieces. After all, YOU earned them!

  • Customers: Exclusive pieces are a great marketing tool to incorporate into your business because not every Consultant has priority access to these coveted items. Customers will be drawn to exclusive pieces because of their limited availability and the irresistible urge to get something nobody else has! Being able to provide these accessories to your customers brings in new shoppers, while also fostering existing relationships. Try holding a party for your VIP customers and letting them browse your exclusive collection. By promoting your exclusive access, your customers will develop a deeper trust in you as an established Consultant who takes the business of $5 jewelry very seriously!

  • Tell Your Story: Because not everyone has access to exclusive pieces, natural curiosity about these accessorizes can open up dialogue between you and your customers. When you share that you have exclusive pieces available, use it as a platform to share HOW you acquired them! Tell them about the event you attended and the amazing camaraderie our Consultants are known for!

  • Prizes and Gifts: Exclusive pieces can be used as prizes or rewards for contests held within your team or used as Hostess Rewards. Encourage your team to reach their goals by awarding the top purchasers or those who achieve new ranks with exclusive pieces they wouldn’t normally have access to.

  • Inventory: Exclusive pieces can be used to discover pivotal inventory pieces that your customers love. Because of their style specific designs, exclusive pieces can be the bridge that connects your customers to their desired styles. When stocking up on inventory, keep in mind the style and color of exclusive pieces that were popular among your customers and integrate those similar styles into your inventory.

  • Encourage Business Building Behavior: As your team sees the benefits you receive by maximizing your access to exclusive pieces, they will be more inclined to do the same. This gives your rock star teammates another reason to work harder to reach their goals. If you want your team to attend Paparazzi events, participate in promotions, or push to become the Life of the Party, show them how having priority access has impacted your business. Remember, your team will duplicate your behavior.

What other ways can you think of to use your exclusive pieces to build your business?

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