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The Proof Is In the PARTY

There is a reason that Paparazzi was built on parties. They work! There is no better way to build your business, make immediate cash profit, and change the lives of countless women than with a Paparazzi party. For many of your customers, a Paparazzi party is not just about jewelry; they come to you when they are ready to celebrate special occasions, need a pick-me-up, or when they are in need of a little social getaway that won’t break the bank. What some may view as a simple $5 transaction is something much more powerful: it’s a personal connection. Humans in general purchase product from places they feel comfortable with. This may have something to do with the product offered and the price; but far more importantly, people shop where they have connections with people. Have you ever been to a place that had extremely friendly staff? They may have helped you find something you couldn’t find, checked on you while you were in the fitting room, called you by name, or went the extra mile to locate a sold out item online or at one of their other locations. This connection makes you a loyal customer. It makes you want to go back to that store because you enjoyed your experience. Far more importantly, you will go back because you had an experience…with people. Never underestimate the power of a personal connection. By holding regular parties, you are providing your customers a forum through which they can experience that personal connection firsthand. When they realize that coming to your party was worth it, they’ll come again. They connect with you.They will build a loyalty toward you. For your customers, you are not just a consultant. You become “My Consultant.” When that happens, you know you have had a Paparazzi moment. You are their Consultant! You can’t create that connection anywhere else; not by posting online, not through an online shopping cart, and not even by having an open-door policy. You MUST have parties. Parties are powerful! They build self-esteem and they empower women. How? Women act differently and carry themselves more confidently when they feel cuter. This concept is magnified by the personal interaction you bring to the experience as a Consultant. Try offering a compliment when a customer tries on an accessory– especially one that may be out of their comfort zone – and watch as their face lights up and their head lifts a little higher. It’s the small things like that that your customers will return for time and time again. As your customers continue to have positive experiences, you will see your customer base grow. Fuel that fire by utilizing Customer Loyalty Cards and make sure that every single customer gets one of your business cards – every single time they shop with you! Keep your party calendar full and keep your customers informed of where you will be partying next. The more you party, the more you grow – as a business owner, as a person, and as a friend. Your job as a Consultant is incredible. The impact you have on your customers is immeasurable. The proof of that is right in the party.

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