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Hooked On That $5 Feeling

Do you remember the moment you discovered Paparazzi Accessories? Where were you when you realized that you could buy fabulous trendy accessories for any occasion for only $5? How long before you developed a $5 habit? As a Consultant, you are responsible for that powerful first impression that Paparazzi makes. What kind of experience are your customers having? Do they feel like they have hit a bargain shopping bin full of dirty clearance items? Or are they encouraged to browse your fully stocked displays and try on pieces that catch their eye? Are they greeted warmly and complimented as they arrive at your booth or party? Or do they shop uninterrupted until they’re ready to check out? Are they instantly bombarded with loud displays and distracting décor? Or is the jewelry the first thing that draws them in? Everything about your presentation, from the way you are dressed to the type of displays you use will leave a lasting impression on your party guests. So the million-dollar question is, what impression do you want to make? Every new customer you meet presents a new opportunity! After their interaction with you, do they say,

“I can’t believe it’s only $5!”

Or the more skeptical,

“Why is it only $5?”

If you receive more questions from customers concerned about what the jewelry is made of or how it’s manufactured than if you have a piece that matches the one they’re holding, take a step back and look at your presentation. The more confident you are in the brand and the more pride you take in presenting the jewelry and yourself, you’ll find fewer skeptics and more die hard fans, frantic to feed their $5 habit. Make it your goal to have every customer leave in awe, telling everyone they meet,

“I can’t believe it’s only $5!”

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