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Customer Snapshots

Paparazzi always draws a crowd. The $5 price is unbeatable and the accessories are always a hit. Once you have customers at a party or shopping at your booth, what can you do to engage them and convert them from just another customer to your customer? Repeat customers will keep coming back not only for the fresh fashion, but for the uniquely personalized shopping experience they enjoy when they are with you. To help build and keep track of your clientele, try using one of our favorite Paparazzi Business Accessories: Customer Snapshots! This handy sheet of paper helps you quickly gauge a customer’s style preferences, color choices, and even provide a wish list that will be priceless in helping a friend or family member pick out the perfect gift! Here are just a few of the suggested uses for this fabulous Business Accessory:

  • Building Positive Relationships: Your success is determined by your ability to build positive relationships with your customers. Being able to successfully track a customer’s personal style preferences builds loyalty and trust between you and your customer. Customer Snapshots help you develop the ability to identify pieces that fit your customer’s style and keep them coming back for more.

  • Reordering Made Easy: Do you ever find yourself staring at the endless choices of accessories in the Back Office when it’s time to restock? Reviewing the Customer Snapshots that you’ve gathered can give you a great feel for what your customers love. If you know you have a group of customers who love blue, why not order some new blue pieces and let them know when they arrive? Do you have a customer who can’t resist rhinestones? Pick out some new pieces with her in mind!

  • Gifts Galore: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries are just some of the special events that can bring anxiety when it comes to picking out a gift for someone special. How great would it be if you could confidently show a husband, boyfriend, mom or friend exactly what their gift recipient would love? By using the Customer Snapshot, you can guide these deer-in-the-headlights to the perfect piece.

  • Future Hostess: Every party has one shopper whose eyes are bigger than their wallet. Letting her know that she can earn free pieces by hosting a party and offering to save the accessories she has to leave behind is second nature to most Consultants. Jot down the names and/or descriptions of the jewelry she loves to make sure her party is a hit. A certain customer’s taste can fuel a ripple effect so you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared!

The Customer Snapshot can be incorporated into your business more casually as you familiarize yourself with its content. The questions on this form should become second nature to you and can help you guide your customers through the shopping experience while making you look like a fashion expert! Whether you fill the card out with them as they shop or you complete it for your own records after they leave, the Customer Snapshot is a great asset for building relationships with your customers and learning more about your personal business. The newly redesigned Customer Snapshot is available for download in your Back Office! You can find it under the Marketing Materials in the Resources section. You can also download the Customer Snapshot here.

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