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Tracking Parties = Tracking Success

The beauty of owning your own Paparazzi business is that you have the ability to party your way. With clientele who are unique to you, what has worked for other Consultants may not work for you, and what has changed the course of your business may have a minimal effect on another Consultant’s efforts. So, how do you know what works for you in your business? Track your parties to find out! Keeping a detailed log of what takes place during your parties will give you more insight into your business than any training ever could. Here are just a few simple things you can watch for:

  • What day of the week works best? Have you found that you get a larger turn out when you host on Thursday nights? Or do Saturday mornings tend to be better for your Hostesses and customers? Knowing what days and times you’ve seen the most success can help you better prepare your Hostesses and maximize the available dates on your calendar.

  • What accessories are selling? Keep an eye out for a particular color or style of accessory that is selling well in a particular area. Are your customers drawn towards the uber trendy natural stones and seed beads this season? Are you selling more of the subtle designs or do your customers love the bulky statement pieces with lots of bling? Knowing what sells well in your network makes it easy to notify customers when you get a new piece in the style they love, and it makes it easy to restock!

  • How many pieces did you sell? This may seem like a no-brainer, but knowing the total number of pieces you sold at a party is a pivotal piece of information. This can help you calculate the average number of pieces you sell at each party, which can open a goldmine when it comes to goal setting. Check out the Leadership Worksheet for more details on how to use this vital piece of information.

The more detail you can document, the easier it will be for you to identify trends. Once you identify the trends in your business, you can determine what you should keep doing and what can be adjusted to fit your unique clientele. Party on!

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