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It Pays To Know Your Stuff

The frenzy that accompanies Paparazzi’s $5 accessories is irrefutable! The anticipation of seeing what’s new, the liberating feeling of shopping without breaking the bank, and that personal touch that you bring to your business are all part of what makes the Paparazzi experience so much fun. That atmosphere is also the reason your customers come back time and time again. But how well do you really know what you’re selling? Becoming more familiar with your inventory will not only increase your confidence in your business, but will increase your sales. Knowing which pieces work well together, how trends play off of each other, and being able to suggest a matching accessory off the cuff will prove to your customers that you know your stuff and that you are willing to go the extra mile for them. Here are a few pointers on how to get to know your inventory:

  • Stay Organized. If you know exactly where a certain piece is on your display, it’s easy to quickly pull it off and show it to a customer. As your customers shop, you should be encouraging them to try things on and look at themselves in the mirror. How powerful would it be for you to be able to say, “That necklace looks incredible on you! I have a bracelet that would match perfectly!” And then show them how the pairing looks. You’ve just doubled a sale simply by knowing where an accessory was at on your display.

  • Welcome your New Additions. As you receive a new shipment, examine the new additions and make note of similar features and design elements that are found in your current stock. This is particularly helpful when you have a piece that hasn’t been selling well with your customers. If you can match it up with one of your Blockbusters, it becomes much easier to suggest it to a customer!

  • Call Them By Name. Every piece of Paparazzi jewelry has a name. That name brings the accessory to life and adds value and personality to the piece. Sharing the name with your customers as they shop can help them connect to the piece, and can be a fun conversation starter for you. For example, if you notice a customer eyeing the Blockbuster Necklace, “Kaleidoscopically Captivating,” you could walk up and say something like, “I love the colors in that necklace! It’s called ‘Kaleidoscopically Captivating’ and I love how bright and energetic it is. Don’t you?” Often times, telling a customer the name of an accessory can help them picture where and how the piece can be worn. A perfect example of this is the popular duo of, “I Do” and “Love Story.” The names themselves conjure up visions of romantic date nights and fairytale endings – making the necklace and bracelet set a perfect choice for weddings, proms, and other special occasions.

The more familiar you become with your inventory, the more confident you will become. That confidence will help you increase the average amount of each sale you make, and will solidify your role as a fashion consultant for your customers. It pays to know your stuff!

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