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The Magic of a Yard Sign

As a Consultant, it is completely natural to begin building clientele through your connections with friends and family. However, many of these connections are miles away from home. While sharing your $5 fashions with friends and family is a great way to generate exposure for your business, what about the goldmine that is your own neighborhood? How many of your neighbors know about your Paparazzi business? Placing a yard sign in front of your house is the most effortless advertising you could ask for! The bright pink print and the $5 price point will draw the attention of anyone driving or walking by - especially those who recognize the Paparazzi name! Are you new to a neighborhood? Use a yard sign to attract new customers and meet your neighbors! The social aspect of owning a Paparazzi business is half the fun! We have heard countless stories about the impact a simple yard sign has made on our Consultants’ businesses. One of our favorites is about the Consultant who called Paparazzi in tears because she had placed her yard sign in front of her house a couple days before she was leaving for a large event. This simple act generated excitement in her neighborhood that resulted in her selling $500 worth of inventory in the span of a few short hours. She was upset because she no longer had enough inventory to stock her booth at the event she was scheduled for! We challenge you to see the magic of the yard sign in your own neighborhood – especially during this busy spring season! Use it to attract new customers, announce the arrival of new inventory, or make your presence known as the neighborhood’s hottest source for fabulous $5 fashion!

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