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How to Welcome a New Team Member

A successful Paparazzi business is built on relationships. These relationships begin the moment someone connects you with Paparazzi and they are developed through regular communication and support. Some relationships begin as a customer shops at a party and discovers their new favorite piece of jewelry, while others start with a connection through social media in search for financial freedom. Regardless of how your relationship with a team member begins, once you take on the role of a Sponsor, there are new levels of responsibility that come into play. This new team member now looks at you in a different light. Stepping into this new role can be a little bit daunting, and it can be hard to know where to start. The best place to begin is by opening a line of communication. Get the conversation going with your new team member by reaching out with an official welcome call. A welcome call should be made within 24 to 48 hours of your new team member’s Starter Kit purchase. As you speak with them, don’t forget to take notes! Here are some key points that should be covered in that initial call:

  • Congratulate them on making the decision to join the Paparazzi party and let them know that you are there to help them.

  • Ask them when their Launch Party is scheduled for and offer suggestions on how to make it a success. Make sure they understand the invitation process and the golden rule that states, "Never open a Paparazzi delivery alone.” Casually inviting friends or family over to claim first dibs on your new arrivals can quickly become a very profitable activity. Once you have the date of their Launch Party, make a note to call them the day after to see how it went.

  • Invite them to think about their goals. Ask them what they hope to accomplish with Paparazzi. Do they want to earn an extra $200 or $300 a month? Are they excited about the friendships that they are developing? Do they have a large purchase they’re saving for or a debt they want to pay off? Knowing what they’re working towards can help you assist in setting smaller goals along the way to help them reach those bigger goals.

  • Introduce them to the Fashion Fix. Did you know that each Starter Kit includes at least one of the Trend Blends from the current Fashion Fix? The $99 Preview Pack includes one, the $299 Small Home Party Kit includes three, and the $499 Large Home Party Kit includes all five. Help your new team member understand the power of this incredible sales tool! Let them know that each set is designed to target a specific customer, and that the Fashion Fix was developed as way to put the Paparazzi stylists in your back pocket.

  • Help them access their Back Office and set up their replicated website. Encourage them to upload a picture and introduce themselves by including a short bio. Show them how to reorder inventory and where the business accessories can be found.

  • Show them where to order business cards. Send them to, where they can access pre-designed templates that make ordering easy.

As you work with each new team members, try to remember how you felt when you first became a Paparazzi Consultant. What questions did you have? What were you most nervous about? What were you most excited about? What goals did you have? The initial contact you have with these new team members can set the tone for your entire relationship. While this can be intimidating, remember that you are not alone. Don’t be afraid to use the phrase, “I am not sure, but I’d love to help you figure that out!” You are surrounded by a broad range of resources. Use your upline, reach out to other Consultants that have mastered techniques you’re hoping to improve, and connect to the corporate Support Team for help.

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