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Throw Yourself A Launch Party

A Launch Party is typically associated with new Consultants. It acts as a grand opening for a new Paparazzi business by getting your name out into the neighborhood and letting everyone know that you offer accessories that everyone can afford and that everyone loves! We hear story after story of new Consultants hosting “pre-launch” parties where friends and family come over for a sneak peek at the merchandise. These pre-launch parties almost always end in the same way: the Consultant immediately reorders as they watch the contents of their Starter Kit quickly sell right out of the box they were delivered in! Who says that a Launch Party should only be a one-time event for a Consultant and their business? Every time you receive new inventory, you should be inviting your clients, friends, and family members over to check out the new arrivals and claim their new favorite pieces. This time of year is a particularly perfect time to throw yourself a party as the new year arrives. Stock up, spread the news, and throw yourself the most fabulous Launch Party your clients have ever seen!

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