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Securing your Spot at a Show or Expo

What do you have in store for your Paparazzi business in 2017? Are you set on becoming one of the next Fashionistas? Looking to set a new personal record for retail sales? Whatever your goals may be for the new year, booking a booth at a show or expo can be a fun and exciting way to get a jumpstart on them! These types of events are a great way to generate retail sales and get your name out there as a Paparazzi Consultant. Before reserving your booth, you’ll want to make sure that the cost and commitment requirements are realistic and that they make sense in relation to your goals and expectations for the event. Once you’ve determined that you’re ready to rock, it’s time to jump in! We’ve put together a helpful checklist that outlines some crucial steps in securing your spot at one of these events. By following the steps below, you can rest assured that the policies and guidelines are being adhered to and that your bases are covered:

  1. Before signing your contract, ask if there is another Paparazzi booth already registered for the event. Paparazzi policies state that only one Consultant per event is allowed. It is strongly recommended that you work with the show’s director to explain this policy and have him/her confirm their acknowledgment of it in writing. We suggest providing the show director with a letter outlining the guidelines and obtaining their signature to confirm their understanding of the guidelines you’re expected to uphold. Please remember that this is a policy created and enforced by Paparazzi – not a show’s director. Although there are some shows that allow multiple Consultants from a company to rent booths based on the size or duration of the event, Paparazzi Consultants are still required to uphold the policy of one Consultant per event.

  2. Register your booth with the name ‘Paparazzi’ along with your personal information (i.e. Paparazzi – Jane Smith). This will allow any Consultant who may be considering booking a booth at the same show to easily see if another Consultant is already participating.

  3. Email the show details along with your name and Consultant ID to It is not uncommon for customers to purchase from you during the show and then want to get in contact with you later on. By providing our Support Team with your event details, we can quickly provide inquiring callers with your contact information. Please note that your email to is strictly for use in assisting with future leads. This information is not shared with any show director and will not secure your space at an event.

For more information on Consultant expectations and guidelines regarding large shows and expos, please read through section 5.13 of the Policies & Procedures.

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