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Customize Your Hostess Rewards

The relationship you create with each Hostess you book is essentially a partnership. As your retail sales increase, so do her benefits. The suggested minimum reward for each Paparazzi Hostess is 10% of the retail sales generated at their party. These rewards are built right into the way you, as a Consultant, purchase products. Every 20 PV (10 pieces) that you purchase on an order will be accompanied by Hostess Rewards in the form of additional accessories; but did you know that you can increase the benefits that each of your Hostesses receives? As an Independent Consultant, you have the ability to personalize your Hostess Rewards program. What can you do to make your parties unique and your Hostesses happy? The possibilities are endless! Remember: The Hostess Rewards generated through online parties will default to the standard 10% of retail sales. Don’t be shy about reaching out to these virtual Hostesses and applying the same concepts outlined below. While many of these tips and tricks have been developed through home parties, many of them can still be applied to the online party system.

  • Parties within a party! Offer your Hostess an additional reward (i.e. an extra piece of jewelry) for each party guest in attendance who books a future party with you.

  • Let your Hostess pick her rewards from your current inventory! Rather than limiting your Hostess’s choice of rewards to the Hostess Rewards you receive in the orders you place as a Consultant, let your Hostess browse your displays and find their favorite new accessory! The more they love the piece they select, the better the chances they will book another party in the future.

  • Reward a future Hostess! Encourage party guests to check their calendars and contact you to book a party within 24 hours of the current party. Those who schedule a future party can receive a free piece of jewelry!

  • Milestones! Reward your Hostess for achieving milestones at her party! Let her know that for every x number of party guests who attend, she’ll receive an extra piece of jewelry, regardless of retail sale amounts. This same concept can be applied to retail sale increments (i.e. the Hostess will receive an extra accessory for every $100 in sales).

  • Let your Hostess have first dibs on inventory! As you arrive at the party and begin to set up, allow the Hostess to pick out her rewards right away! The more she grabs, the more she’ll encourage her guests to buy so she can keep them! Let her know that she can hide her stash and encourage her to wear some of her new favorite pieces as the party guests arrive.

  • Mystery Hostess! Hosting your own party? Put the names of each of your guests into a drawing to receive the Hostess Rewards from the party.

This busy holiday season is packed with opportunities for you to fill your party calendar. It’s also the perfect chance for you to create solid, lasting relationships with your Hostesses that will benefit both of you all year round. Party on!

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