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Accessorizing Different Necklines

The placement of a necklace can make or break an entire outfit. Just as there are colors that work well together, there are certain necklace designs that work better with certain necklines. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you (and your customers!) are shopping for your newest favorite $5 addition.

V-Neck: A v-neck top is flattering on most body types. To accessorize, find a necklace that mimics the shape of this versatile neckline. This can be done with subtle, shorter pendants, or with longer chains to further the elongating effect of the shirt’s design. Can’t decide on a necklace length? Try layering a short and a long necklace together! Scoop Neck: Look for necklaces that can fill the empty space while following the shape of the neckline. Statement pieces work really well with scoop necks! Make sure you adjust the length so the necklace falls below or above the neckline. Turtleneck: These are perfect for long necklaces! Shorter designs coupled with turtlenecks can make it look like you’re suffocating. Longer chains elongate and open the ensemble, creating a gorgeous combination! Collars: Shirts that button offer two very different options when it comes to accessorizing. Option one is to button the shirt all the way up and add a dramatic statement piece over the shirt and under the collar. The second option is to open the buttons and accessorize on the inside of the collar with a subtle pendant; or, for a different look try adding a necklace with dramatic length! A good rule of thumb here is to make sure the necklace falls above the top button or deliberately further below it. Crew Neck: These higher necklines can be tricky. Long necklaces work great on crew necks! You can also shorten a bolder, bulkier design to let it fall parallel to the neckline of the shirt. Square Neck: A scooped necklace fits beautifully inside this dramatic neckline. Make sure the necklace you choose sits above the neckline! Strapless: A strapless design leaves a larger canvas to work with. This is a great opportunity to try a bulkier, bolder statement piece or a choker. Remember to keep the earrings simple to avoid competing, clashing combinations. Cowl Neck: Because the cowl neck is already designed to stand on its own, subtle is better. Necklaces worn with a cowl neck should always hit above the neckline. This design is also a great opportunity to rock those oversized, dramatic earrings and let the fabric of the shirt stand alone. Boat Neck: As with the crew neck, these higher necklines work great with longer necklaces. You can also layer with shorter pieces to add bulk to your ensemble. As always, when accessorizing, make sure you’re comfortable! With Paparazzi’s amazingly affordable $5 price point, you can afford to try different designs and styles without breaking the bank. You and your customers are sure to find something you love!

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