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The Perks of Direct Deposit

Did you know that on the 20th of each month tens of thousands of dollars in Paparazzi commissions are being paid! Those who have opted to receive their commissions via direct deposit woke up to see their money in their accounts, while those who continue to receive checks had theirs dropped in the mail. If you haven’t signed up for direct deposit yet, what are you waiting for? Here are just a few of the perks:

  • No Service Fees: For every commission check that is issued, a service fee of $2.50 is deducted from the amount paid. Those fees are waived when you enroll in direct deposit, which means more money in your pocket.

  • Immediate Access to Funds: As commissions are paid out on the 20th of the month, those who are enrolled in direct deposit have immediate access to their money, while those who receive checks have to wait for them to be mailed.

  • Quicker Payout! To receive a monthly payout from Paparazzi, you must accumulate a minimum of $20 in commissions. Without having to worry about service fees, that $20 threshold is hit sooner, which means you get your hard-earned money more quickly.

Ready to enroll in direct deposit? Give Paparazzi Support Team a call at (855) 697-2727 and they can set you up right over the phone. You’ll be enrolled immediately, which means you’ll receive your October commissions on November 20th, as soon as they’re finalized.

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