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Accessorizing Your Success

Whether you are a new Consultant or a veteran A-Lister, celebrating and acknowledging your success is extremely important. It propels your self-esteem and confidence, shares Paparazzi’s message of empowerment, and showcases your hard work and dedication to your business. The Paparazzi Recognition Program was created as a way for us to acknowledge and celebrate our greatest accessory: YOU. Yes, YOU! Throughout your Paparazzi journey, we actively seek out ways that we can shine the spotlight on the Consultants and all the hard work they do. Their annual convention is one of their favorite places to do so! Convention is where the newest Executive Producers and above are decorated with their cornerstone recognition pieces. These beautifully hand-crafted necklaces are custom made with gorgeous sterling silver chains and feature a variety of delicate Swarovski crystals. Each one fashionably indicates the milestone it represents, allowing you to showcase your achievement with utmost elegance; whether it’s adorning your neckline or shimmering proudly in its velvet-lined display box.