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Building your Clients' Confidence

Paparazzi Consultants have the best job in the world! By sharing adorable, affordable jewelry, you get to help women gain more confidence and feel beautiful without feeling guilty for treating themselves. You also get to play the part of a Fashion Consultant by helping your clients find their new favorite styles and trends. This responsibility can be a little intimidating – especially if you don’t feel like your strength lies in fashion. It’s time you took some of that pressure off of yourself. The title of Consultant means just that – you are not expected to be an expert! However, keeping up on trends and learning some basic tips can help you better assist your clients; which, in turn, generates more revenue for you. Your clients are as unique as you are! Some will come to a Paparazzi party knowing exactly what they want, can easily coordinate different pieces to build a perfect set, and have a deeply rooted sense of their own style. These individuals only need a friendly greeting from you and your Hostess. From there, they will be elated as they browse your colorful inventory and pick their new favorite pieces. However, you have probably found that most of your clients do not fit this description. Most clients need some direction when it comes to accessorizing. They are hungry for suggestions and advice. These people will look to you as their Consultant for some suggestions. Don’t panic! We’ve put together some very basic tips and techniques that can help you cater to those clients who need a little help (and you’ll sound like an expert!): Find your Favorite Neutral: Clients who are new to wearing jewelry or don’t have an armoire filled with jewelry will find a basic neutral to be versatile and addicting. Black, brown, white, or gray can easily be paired with nearly any outfit – regardless of color or style. Among the neutrals, black is the most popular because it can easily be dressed up or dressed down. However, White offers a clean, fresh and airy look. In some cases, it can offer a starch contrast which adds a bold and definitive touch to an outfit. Discover your True Metal: A metallic-based piece of jewelry adds sheen and shimmer to an outfit. Metals reflect light differently than flat or matte-based colors. A gold pair of earrings, a silver bracelet, or a copper necklace adds a sense of ownership to any wardrobe. Help your clients discover which metal looks great on them. The easiest way to do that? Have them try on each of the different metals that you carry: Silver, gunmetal, brass, copper, and gold. While everyone is familiar with silver and gold, there may be some hesitation in trying brass, copper, or gunmetal. Encourage them to try them each one on and see how they look. Your client will feel a renewed sense of bravery by trying something that is “out of the box.” Familiarize yourself with the Spring Colors: Some clients want the latest trends and colors simply because they are new. Wearing the same colors that line storefronts at the mall makes people feel like they are in the “know” when it comes to fashion. Most clients cannot readily identify the colors of the season. Try pointing out a few of the accessories that are the “it” colors of the season so they can determine whether it is something they want to try. Find out what's on trend this season. What colors are on this season's palette. Sharing this information helps your clients feel empowered to make a decision because they are more educated on what is hot this season. It also help validate that you as a Consultant are familiar with fashion and trends which, in turn, helps your clients feel more comfortable and confident in shopping with you. At Paparazzi, they design pieces that pull directly from the season’s palette. This allows you to offer a wide range of options for those who are seeking out the latest trends. This allows the accessories we carry to coordinate with the clothing being offered in stores across the country. You can also keep your eye out for repeating seasonal favorites such as turquoise and apple green in the spring or mustard yellow and wine for fall. Mixing and Matching: Using a basic color wheel, you can help your clients find coordinating and complementary accessories. You will see how yellow works with purple or orange plays off blue. You can easily create your own set of accessories by starting with a necklace as the central piece. Try pulling in matching metals and coordinating colors to give your client a complete and finished look. The most important tip of all is to have FUN! Keep the shopping experience light-hearted and casual. Don't be shy about interacting with your clients. After all, that is why they will continue to come back for more!

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