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Filling the Pipeline

Building a strong, flourishing business takes time, patience, and consistency. As your business grows, you will start to see a direct correlation between the amount of effort you put in and the rewards you take away. This point is best illustrated by the popular concept of “filling your pipeline.” To understand this analogy, start by visualizing a long pipe, approximately six inches in diameter, laying at an angle. After pouring water through the top of the pipe, the water will trickle down and eventually land at the bottom. This does not happen immediately and the amount of water that pools at the bottom is not the same amount that was originally poured into the pipe. This is the same in building your business. Leadership skills and new team members take time to develop! You may be hesitant in building your business (pouring water down the pipe). In your hesitancy, you may pour one glass of water down the pipe and then anxiously wait at the bottom to see what it produces. Looking too soon can lead to frustration and a feeling that your efforts are not being recognized. This can cause some to give up easily and, in turn, stop pouring water into the pipe. When you stop pouring water into the pipe, water will stop flowing out of the pipe. The pipe will eventually dry up. This is the case in building your business, too. You must consistently pour water into your pipe in the form of new enrollments, business trainings, leadership development, and personal advancement. When those efforts stop, so do the rewards. Eventually your business (your pipeline) will be a constant flow of rewards, but remember: These rewards will not appear without you pouring water in! What are you doing to fill your pipeline?

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