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The Future Clientele Collection Box

Parties are the lifeblood of your Paparazzi business. These events – large or small – are where you get to share the power of $5 accessories, find new Hostesses and customers,identify new team members, and, of course, make money! There are countless party tips and techniques that have been tried and tested since Paparazzi’s inception. A majority of these techniques were developed through trial and error by the Paparazzi Founders themselves. As Paparazzi continues to grow, additional tools have been created to support these proven techniques. One such tool is the Future Clientele Collection Box. The Future Clientele Collection Box was created as an alternative to the signup sheets that each Consultant should have at every party they throw – one sheet for those interested in hosting a future party and one for those interested in being notified of new inventory. This box brings some interactive opportunities along with it. Here’s a look at a few of our favorite ways to use this fun party tool:

  • Collect Contact Information: Capturing your customers’ information is vital, but even more important is how you follow through with the information they give you. Customers who provide you with their information have done so because they WANT a response from you. Those interested in hearing about future inventory should be contacted within 30 days from the date of your event. Those interested in hosting a party should be contacted within 5 days.

  • Be Assertive: As you’re ringing up a customer’s purchases, tell her to put down her information so you can let her know when new inventory arrives, rather than passively suggesting she provide her information. This subtle change in phrasing can dynamically change the results.

  • Create a VIP Club: Take those who have shown interest in hearing about future inventory and create a VIP text or email group. This group could be invited to help you open your deliveries as they arrive or receive exclusive sneak peeks at some of your favorite new pieces. Many Consultants have converted these lists into private Facebook groups where they get to share images and insider information.

  • Do a Drawing: To encourage more party attendees to share their information, do a drawing for a free piece of jewelry or a gift card to use towards a future purchase. The cost of these little giveaways is minimal, and the access to your customers’ information is priceless.

The Future Clientele Collection Box (Item #H149, $7.50) and the Customer Information Slips (Item #H150, $3.00) are currently available for purchase in the Marketing Materials section of your Back Office shopping cart.

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