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S.O.S. – Survive On Sales

The moment you become a Paparazzi Consultant, you have the power to take complete control of your financial success. Using Paparazzi parties as your catalyst, you can determine how much money you bring in each month and can make adjustments as life throws unexpected surprises at you. Did your car break down? Throw a party! Does your child need new shoes? Throw a party! Looking at some unexpected medical expenses? You guessed it – throw a party! In these inevitable times of chaos and un-budgeted expenses, there is a simple slogan that can help keep you afloat: S.O.S. – Survive On Sales. How empowering is it to know that YOU have the ability to give yourself a paycheck that directly correlates to the amount of work you put in? There are very few jobs that allow you to determine what you’re worth. Did you know that the amount you can earn at a party dramatically increases when you host a live party? Allowing your customers to feel the jewelry and see its quality, try on their favorite pieces, receive help with mixing and matching combinations and hear compliments on how their new additions look when they’re trying them on simply cannot be duplicated in an online platform. Online parties - while convenient - will NEVER be as powerful as a home party.

If you have been relying on online parties alone, you are missing the boat!

Hosting live parties will allow you to find new Hostesses, build a stronger relationship with your customers, listen for opportunities to suggest a matching accessory and increase your sales, and share your Paparazzi story – which inevitably leads to new team members.

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