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What A Difference A Display Makes!

Whether you’re setting up a party in the cramped living room of your latest Hostess or filling a large booth at an expo, your Paparazzi displays set the tone for your customers’ shopping experience. A cluttered, chaotic presentation hinders a shopper’s ability to easily see what products you offer and will limit the amount of sales your party could generate. Well-organized, clean, fully stocked displays spur excitement and allow your shoppers to quickly find what they’re looking for as they discover new pieces to mix-and-match with their newfound favorites. Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips and techniques that have proven to be helpful in creating beautiful, organized displays that are sure to make an impact. Tablecloths: Creating a neutral backdrop for your tabletop displays really allows your inventory to pop! Avoid tablecloths with busy prints (i.e. animal prints or strong patterns) that can distract from the main event. Having a tablecloth that reaches the floor can help keep your entire display area free of clutter, as it allows you to hide extra boxes underneath. Check out the Paparazzi branded tablecloth in your Back Office! Its elegant, commercial-grade linen will last for years to come! Item #H127, $44.99. Use Jewelry Displays: This may seem like a no-brainer, but adding actual jewelry displays to your parties and events is priceless! Avoid spreading your accessories out on the tabletop haphazardly. Place necklaces on hooks and busts, arrange rings in a ring display box, and organize your headbands on a headband rack to keep things organized and blocked by color. Try the Rotating Tabletop Accessory Display (Item #S306, $39.95), Ring Display Box (Item #D102 or #D103, $8.00 each), Tabletop Headband Display (Item #S201, $10.00), or the variety of necklace busts (Item #s S308-S312) available in your Back Office. Block By Color: No matter what type of display you use, organizing your inventory by color is crucial. This is because color is usually the first determining factor when shopping for new accessories. Whether your customers are shopping for themselves or for a gift, colors make it easy to find complementary accessories for any occasion. Try using the color wheel to block your displays, keeping rows in straight lines, and see what happens. We promise you’ll love the results!