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The Power of the "Hidden Box"

If there’s one thing that feeds a Paparazzi shopping frenzy, it’s the underlying battle among your customers to bring home that one accessory that nobody else will have. There’s no denying that adding that elusive can’t-find-it-anywhere-else piece of jewelry to a collection is a thrill! You can give your customers that feeling at every party, every time, with the power of the “Hidden Box.” It’s a simple concept that can pack a serious punch. As you prepare your displays for your next party, pack a box with some of your favorite Blockbusters, extra pieces in those popular neutral shades of silver, black, and white, and other hidden gems. The Hidden Box doesn’t need to be flashy! Try using one of your Paparazzi boxes that your orders are shipped in. Once you have your display set up, store the box under your table or behind the couch where your customers will not be able to see it. Here are a couple of ways to use the Hidden Box: Scenario 1: Wear an accessory that is not currently displayed. As your party guests inevitably ask about the piece you’re wearing, casually respond with, “Oh! I couldn’t fit everything on my display boards. I think I have an extra one in my box. Let me check.” Bring out the Hidden Box and set it on the floor. Curiosity combined with the thrill of finding something that isn’t available to everyone will undoubtedly increase sales. Scenario 2: Stick to the rule of “One Style, One Color per Hook.” Upholding this Paparazzi veteran’s rule-of-thumb will set up the Hidden Box trick perfectly! As your party guests browse your displays, they will soon begin asking questions like, “Does this necklace come in a different color?” Cue the Hidden Box! The secret to making the Hidden Box a success lies in how you introduce it to your customers. Keep it simple. Keep it casual. And most importantly – keep it fun!

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